Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is This Legal?

Congrats to Jags RB Fred Taylor for his son getting 1st team All-State (Florida) honors. Big deal athletes churning out more athletes happens all the time, right? Yeah, but Taylor's kid is in 8th GRADE! Can you even play varsity in 8th grade? In Florida the answer is Yes:

Glades Day appealed to Taylor because of its academic reputation and because it offered a chance for Taylor to play varsity football as a middle-schooler for a program that two years ago won the Class 1A title. The Florida High School Athletic Association allows junior high students to participate in varsity sports when they attend school in the same building as the high-schoolers, which is the setup at Glades Day.

Hmmm. The only similar situation I know of was when Jesse Keller played middle linebacker on the Saukville Rebels 8th grade team as like a 3rd grader. It might have even been 2nd grade. No kidding - his old man was coach and Junior was a man-child. You know, one of those big, farm-tough kids who was twice a strong as everybody in 3rd grade combined. His jersey was retired by the Rebels and now enjoys wrestling steer in his spare time. I wish I was making this up - he has the scars to prove it. I like Jesse Keller, good guy.

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