Monday, January 5, 2009

College Football Questionnaire

1) How much (include estimates remaining games) College Football Bowl action did you watch?

2) If one existed, how much of a 16 game playoff would you watch?

3) If a 16 team playoff existed, how would it effect your interest in the C-Football regular season? Would you watch: more, less, or the same amount as you do now?

4) Who's your favorite Bucks center of all time: Randy Breuer, Paul Mokeski, Ervin Johnson, or Dan Gadzuric?

My answers:
1) Approximately a combine 15 quarters
2) I would try to watch every single snap of every playoff game
3) Same
4) Mokeski


Wrigleyville said...

1. maybe 5 quarters.

2. try to watch all, but the midget terrorists in my home may not allow it.

3. same.

4. kent benson.

D'Amico's one good year said...

1) About 16 quarters. 8 split between the Oregon-Oklahoma State and Utah-'Bama games, the rest off and on channel flipping. The Utah game was... soul pleasing, and the Ducks game made this Alum happy... and "home"sick.

2)Depends on the teams involved. I honestly don't think I'd watch much more than I do already, but that comes more from College Football fatigue this late in the year. If the Ducks or Badgers were in it, or if a team like Utah was given their (rightful in the case of this year) shot at a title, i'd certainly be more enthralled than I am this year with the stupid national title game we've been given.

3)It would be about as interesting. The bowls are honestly pretty meaningless/boring. You'd still have barnburners like Washington v. Washington State, though.... Smell the excitement! Or was it excrement?

4)Of the four, Mokeski.

Nubs said...

1) 9-12 quaters
2) Same
3) Same but think it would devalue the regulaer season
4) Marty Conlon

the other ben said...

1) 10 quarters
2) As much as I could
3) same
4) andrew lang

Matt said...

1. I probably watched 4 quarters. 1 of the Northwestern/MU game, 1 of the Oregon/Oklahoma St. game and 2 of the Penn St./USC game. I watched 0 of the Wisconsin game - had it DVR'd, but received fair warning that it wasn't worth my time.

2. That's a really great question. I'd like to say I'd watch more, but if Wisconsin isn't involved I think that would be a lie. I also think people would be sorely disappointed if they expect the excitement to match the men's basketball tourney. That's un-match-able. At the end of the day, I'm not really offended if Utah gets hosed and isn't declared national champion of the world of college football. It doesn't affect my life even a little bit.

3. Same to maybe a little less. I'd watch Wisconsin when I can, and maybe one of those super duper matchups that crop up during the season (Texas Tech/Texas, Florida/Bama).

4. Alan Ogg.

If you asked these questions before I got married, had a kid and got a real job, my answers (other than the answer to #4) would be drastically different.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

1. Watched three quarters of the Badger game, and a combined two quarters of the rest of the games. I was interested to watch Utah and Alabama, but I honestly forgot when it was on, loved the result though "Nat'l Champs!" - HA!.
2. It would be must see tv same as NCAA bball tournament
3. More intrest in the regular season. College Football at its highest level is one big exhibition right now, an absolute joke. You know going into a season that the national championship race consists of no more than the same 9 schools (LSU, Florida, Okla, Texas, USC, Miami, FSU, Va Tech, Ohio St) These have been the same BCS championship participants since its inception with Tenn and Neb as exceptions and both of those schools were very strong programs in the mid to late 90's. You have to go all the way back to '92 when Alabama won the national championship to get a team from outside of the elite pool. Unless you're a fan of one of these schools college football is booooring!!!!! A 16 team playoff would ensure that there was new blood in the hunt for the Nat'l title, just like Bball.
4. Frank Brickowski

BadgerFanBill said...

1) Only the Badger game
2) Every game
3) more
4) Allen Ogg

Bill said...

5 quarters

A LOT more


Randy Bruer since I got his autograph at a sporting goods store in Grafton as a boy. That at the time was very cool.

AP said...

1) 14 quarters-Probably 7 of the two remaining bowl games, all 4 of the Badger game, and about 3 of the Rose bowl.

2) Damn near all 16, at the very least most of it.

3) My interest would increase. You'd still need a ranking system to determine the 16 teams that get seeded, so the regular season would be largely unaffected. Team #17 would bitch, just like the team left out of the National Championship does now, just like team #66 of the BBall tourney does.

4) Someone else can take my vote here. It shouldn't really count. Breuer, I guess.

KL Snow said...

1) One full game (Utah-Alabama) and the overtimes in the N'Western/Mizzou game. Would've watched the Badgers but I was busy.

2) As much as I could.

3) I would likely watch less in the early season but more in the final weeks before the playoffs.

4) Ervin Johnson

the other brad said...

1. one quarter of about 8 different games + first 3 quarters of wisconsin game

2. depends of the matchups. probably just semis and finals

3. same

4. ervin johnson. a center who couldn't dunk was infinitely entertaining.

Jimmy said...

1) Rose, Badger, and I'll watch the Florida-Sooner game
2) A TON more
3) More, to see who makes it
4) Brad Lohaus!!

rex said...

1. About a quarter

2. As much as physically possible.

3. A lot more.

4. Dave Cowens

Charlie Marlow said...

1) I'd say about 7 quarters
2) As much as I could, preferably all
3) About the same. But come "December Madness" I'd be all about the office pools and have to watch every game.
4) Considering the amount of time I've spent watching Bucks games throughout my life amounts to just less of my answer to question 1 above, can I just