Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Chuckie Hacks congratulations!

Former Brewer legend (and when I say "legend" I mean "quite possibly the worst player to wear a Brewer jersey in the last decade") Chris Barnwell has been named to the provisional roster of TEAM CANADA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

The linked article says that Barnwell is a member of the Astros currently. Good for him. Looks like he signed a couple days ago.

You may all remember Mr. Barnwell as the donkey-licious tool who somehow maneuvered his way into the Show for the Crew in 2006. He played 13 games, fired off 2 singles in 30 at bats, and was probably scared to talk to Prince Fielder. God did he suck.

But hey, he's got 2 more MLB hits then I'll ever congratulations Chris! Represent Canada with pride!

Big hat tip to Not So Anonymous Jake for the tip.


Goldy said...

2 of those games were in Kansas City and I had the misfortune of watching them. Ask Matt how I fee about Barnwell.That guy never deserved to be a major leaguer. I thionk he was afraid when he batted.

Goldy said...

feel, not fee.

Krey said...

There's a name drop. We should see who can come up with the most obscure name of our generation.
Here's mine...Alex Sanchez, absolutely hated the guy.

Paul said...

just reading "chris barnwell" made me throw up a little bit. he must have had incriminating photos of melvin. sanchez actually had some skills, he was sort of a latter day chuckie carr, lots of skill and a tiny brain.