Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brew Town Beat: Bringing It

I would just like to give a shout out to Todd over at The Brew Town Beat for his following description of Wrigley Field:
The Old Style six pack is long gone, now home to the City Brewery, but Old Style is
"reformulating" its brew much like Schlitz did to huge success in 2008
Heileman's Brewery is now based out of Chicago, but is brewed by MillerCoors,
and remains most famous on a national stage for intoxicating fans of the
flagship bar of Chicago's boys town: Wrigley Field. (Seriously, boys town is two
blocks away, this is not a reach, stab or missile. It's geography).

That last part made me think of this line:
I'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and
brawn. That's what kind of man I am. You're just a woman with a small brain.
With a brain a third the size of us. It's science.


ClownShipLollypop said...

Baxter, you know I don't speak spanish. You pooped in the refrigerator? AND you ate the whole wheel of cheese? I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.

Brad said...

I must say, that new Schlitz is pretty good.

You could make Dog Pile, I mean Old Style, with gold and it would taste like junk. That's the only beer my father-in-law has drank for the last 40 years. No idea how his liver still works.

D'Amico's one good year said...


I absolutely agree with you on the old/new schlitz.... Fucking nummers.

However... The City Brewing City lager, which is basically old,old Old Style, is one of the better beer values. It tastes way less toxic than any Miller product (not counting Lienies) and is my favorite beer when i'm fishing/hunting in Western WI. Mostly because it's hard to find anything better. (Point's aquired a funky aftertaste recently.)

PaulNoonan said...

Technically, it's 4 blocks away: Wilton, Fremont, Reta, Halsted.

Todd said...

I recall walking through boys town on the way to an Irish Bar, Danny O'Hagens, somewhere around there during the Cubs v. White Sox series when the Cubs swept them. I willingly chose to walk past all of the brazen smut shops there instead of having to walk past Wrigley after a home team sweep.