Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yanks Given the Boot, Brewers Frontrunner for CC?

A guy with the San Jose Mercury News is now reporting that CC has "declined" the Yankees' $140 million offer, and that the Brewers are emerging as the frontrunner, as perceived by an "executive close to the CC Sabathia talks."

Most likely, that "executive" is named either Doug Melvin or Gord Ash.

My opinion on this matter has not changed. I'm not buying it. Why would CC decline any offer at this point, especially the one that is worth the most?

God bless him if he's showing the Yankees the door, though. It would suck if they signed both Sheets and Sabathia, in that the Brewers would lose a 1st round compensatory pick if that happened. Because the Yanks would be signing 2 of the Brewers' Type A free agents, the Brewers would get the Yanks' 1st and 2nd round picks in this scenario as well as 2 sandwich picks, rather than 2 1st round picks and 2 sandwich picks. Bastards.


Charlie Marlow said...

I find this so ridiculously hard to believe.

brad said...

I think he never wanted anything to do with the Yanks from the start. He's kept them in the running just to boost the offers from LA, LAA, Giants, and Milwaukee. It already worked with the Crew.

Charlie Marlow said...

Rosenthal already debunked this at


lofty said...

I agree with Brad. He wants nothing to do with playing in New York. He's going to end up on the west coast somewhere.