Monday, December 15, 2008

What's The Ruckus?

So, following the events of last week, several people, including ESPN's Buster Onley, decided to throw some dirt on the Brewers 2009 season and claim it as a rebuilding year.

Really? My question is, if you were to make this statement, why did it just come out last week? Why weren't people talking about this a month ago. Lets review what happened last week during and after the Winter Meetings:
  • The Yankee's signed CC Sabathia.
  • The Brewers and Yankees are discussing a deal involving Mike Cameron, Melky Cabrera and Kei Igawa
  • The Brewers picked up a hard thrower in the Rule 5 draft and lost their 4th best catching prospect.
When the Brewers traded for Sabathia last season, everyone knew he was a goner after the 2008 season. Sure he liked Milwaukee, but he was never going to accept 60 million less than his highest offer. As the FA period continued and he didn't sign with the Yankees, there was some hope the Brewers had a shot, but anyone who was banking on this happening needed their head examined. So, I guess I already considered Sabathia not on the team, so I don't see how this was unexpected and a new major blow to the Brewers 2009 outlook.

Now people are griping that the Brewers are slashing payroll by trying to trade Cameron. If you remember, there was much debate about whether the Brewers should pick up his option at the end of the season. I would say there was a 50/50 split as to if the Brewers should keep him. Even though he took terrible routes on a couple key fly balls during the season, I was fine with bringing him back. He did get on base in the 8th in game 162 to allow Braun to come to the plate. If the Brewers want to get rid of him I am fine with that as well. If they didn't pick up his option, they would have got nothing for him. By picking up his option they are looking at getting something in return if they should dump him. Mike Cameron is not going to make or break the Brewers 2009 season.

In the Rule 5 draft the brewers picked up Eduardo Morlan from the Montgomery Biscuits, also known as the Rays' AA team (Click here for a shockingly large picture of Ed). He had a solid year in AA last season. He can bring the heat. He was picked in the 3rd round by the Twins (a team that usually knows how to draft) and was part of the Delmon Young deal. He has to stay on the MLB roster all year, but in the worst case he is the mop up man and in the best case he is the 7th inning guy. I like this move.

So, I guess I just don't see why people picked last week to flip out about the Brewers 2009 chances. I am pretty sure the Brewers figured they had little chance to sign Sabathia and have a plan on how to proceed now that he is officially off the market. The trade of Cameron isn't a big deal since it was debatable if they were going to even pick up his option. Sheets isn't coming back, but everyone knew that. So, someone, please tell me what new development took place last week to send everyone over the edge.


Matt said...

Mike Hunt had a similar thought in his most recent column.

Except your post was more thoughtful and effective, and didn't include a tired "bailout" joke.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I totally agree. There is still plenty of time left to make some moves.

Never Surrender! - Corey Hart

(The singer Corey Hart. Not the bastard Brewers player who "Isn't gonna take strikes"

Tim said...

I believe there to be some sort of moratorium in the national media. Only one story about the Brewers at a time is allowed to be discussed. Once CC was gone, another story was needed. Since Milwaukee isn't changing the look of their road uniforms this year ala Boston, this "Ruckus" story was created.

Goldy said...

If I ever left the group and formed a solo blog (which would never happen because I would have to post more than twice a week)I think I would simply call it "I Hate Corey Hart".

garcia said...

let me tell you what I'm tired of...

I'm tired of going to the brewers website (to see if anything new is going on) and having the video automatically pop up and start by saying, "the brewers BOLSTERED their bullpen by signing Jorge Julio."

Bolstered? Not so much... this almost sounds like it will turn into a TT off-season. At least we have a million extra picks right Ted?

Shack said...

I think it's more that '09 was expected to be a rebuilding year for Milwaukee even before the start of last season, because they were all but certain to lose their ace to free agency at season's end.

The identity of the ace changed (from Sheets to Sabathia) but the basic storyline didn't--so once the Brewers officially lost their ace, the media just connected that story to what they were saying about the '09 Crew all along.

brad said...

If 09 is a rebuilding year, that's fine. But its opposite of what Mark A said during the season "this is not a one time thing. We want to be competitive every year."

Maybe fans just wanted to see somebody brought in after loosing CC, Sheets, and our closer. Then again, the Winter Meetings were pretty quiet for everybody.

brad said...

"losing," not "loosing."