Monday, December 29, 2008

Wade Billups?

Great story from

The fan was wearing a sandwich board that said, "Cowboys have no heart" on one side and "Wade is an embarrassment to the star" on the other...

James apparently stopped his vehicle and demanded the fan give him the sign. When the man refused, James removed it from him, breaking the man's eyeglasses in the process.

The parties were taken into the Cowboys' offices and after a discussion, no charges were filed.

After a discussion?!? HA! Yeah I bet. Here's the official dialogue from I'm making this

Jerry Jones: "Sorry about the altercation outside. I'd like to reimburse you for your glasses. How much were they?"
Man: "Not sure...maybe $150."
Jerry Jones: "Oh really? $500? Here you go (Hands him the benjamins)."
Man: "No wait...I said only..."
Jerry Jones: "I'm sorry I didn't hear you. $800 it is (Busts out a few more)."
Man: "Go Cowboys."

As an aside, the Cowboys are probably my 4th least favorite team, so I love the fact that Jerry Jones has already said he's bringing back Wade Billups for another year. God I love that.


Anonymous said...

same coach, same coordinators, same players.

yeah, i can see where this is going, lol.

Dan said...

really? There are 3 other teams you dislike more than the Cowboys??