Monday, December 8, 2008

Straight From the Buffet Tables...Err...The Winter Meetings

Phil Rogers from the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Brewers have added a 6th year to their offer for Sabathia.

Of course, he's also reporting the following, which might eat away at his credibility as a reporter:

On the eve of the meetings, the Yankees' staff dined with Sabathia and his agent, Scott Boras, at a Vegas restaurant. The meeting reportedly went well, with Sabathia apparently allaying fears that he was only using the Yankees to drive up his market.

This all sounds fine, except that Greg Genske, and not Scott Boras, is Sabathia's agent. If Boras went to dinner with Sabathia and the Yankees, that would probably breach some sort of rule of sports agent etiquette (insert joke here).


Charlie Marlow said...

I'm still not holding my breath.

Wrigleyville said...

Phil Rogers also reported that this is the year Santo would make it.

Phil Rogers also reported last year that the Cubs were letting Kerry Wood go. Hours later, the Cubs signed Kerry Wood.

In short, Phil Rogers is an idiot.

C'mon Doug! said...

Dream Team: If CC does take the 6/120(which became official around 10:00am today) you know it's time to sell out..."world series or bust" I forsee a Jeremy Jeffress and Alcides Escobar for Jake Peavy.
you heard it here first.