Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen...introducing your 1998 Florida Marlins...errr...I mean your new and improved 2009 Milwaukee Brewers!

So now with CC officially K Bye, I wake up this morning to find some subsequent K byes to hand out: starting first with the old Cameron for Cabrera trade which appears to be a done deal.

But then...clicking over to see if Tom H. has confirmed the rumors, he says that the Yankees want Cameron...and get this...BILL HALL.

Ummm...ok...I didn't expect that. Fascinating indeed.

So assuming these moves go through, the Brewers will have either lost in free agency or traded 5 out of their top 7 salaries from 2008 (Sabathia and Braun not on this list). Sabathia, Sheets, Gagne, Cameron, & Hall made around a combined $40M last year.

Ummm...who have we signed to replace them?

Blink...stare...(crickets in background). Lamb & Coffey are making peanuts...they don't count.

Take a closer look at that payroll list. Counsell, Mota, Torres, Turnblow, Capuano, Shouse...they're all gone and there's another $18M right there!

I know the arbitration raises are going to suck up some of this money...but there appears to be a relatively large gap here that is unaccounted for.

Melvin has stated that he doesn't think he is going to be making any more big splashes in free could Brad's conspiracy theory be true?

The numbers don't add up. Make a move Doug.


the other brad said...

No conspiracy. Let me make this easy.

This team, in this market, should have a $60 million payroll each year.

Last year was our "going for it" year and so Mark A. spent some big $ when certain situations came up (CC, etc...) to get us to the playoffs.

The front office knew a lot of these guys would be gone next year and with many of the young guys hitting their arby years, there would be less money for free agents and other signings.

We'll have another "going for it" year in 2-3 more years, but in the meantime, we're going to be cheap and field .500 teams and let some of the prospects come up and get experience for the next run.

A lot of fand were spoiled with last year and fooled into thinking that was going to be the norm for future seasons, rather than a one-time exception.

Anonymous said...

No, not the Marlins. They win titles before they blow it up.

brad said...

Attanasio did just say they made "a little" profit last year.

So it's conceivable to stay at last years payroll and still stay in the black...if attendance stays the same.

D'Amico's one good year said...

And that's the rub... There's NO WAY that attendance will match last year.

brad said...

I bet it's closer than you think.

Tim said...

Can someone please tell me who gave Doug Melvin Ted Thompson's phone number?

ClownShipLollypop said...

See ya later Cameroon. Thanks for all the memory's... of you "misjudging" fly balls.

Your glove will be golden after I piss on it.


woziszeus said...

Attendance might even be higher.

Apparently the Clown only watched 1 Brewer game last year...

Wrigleyville said...

just curious, but why do some brewers/wisconsin fans get so angry when players leave (or are sent packing)?

cameron is a "shitbag."

CC is "captain cash."

sheets was called all kinds of names (blv i saw "pussy" around here once or twice).

favre is all kinds of evil...

ClownShipLollypop said...

Which 1 game out of 30 or so where Cameroon "took a bad angle at that ball..." are you referring to?

ClownShipLollypop said...


1. I've been in Favres corner the whole time.

2. I wish nothing but the best for CC. I don't blame him for taking the money.

3. Sheets IS a pussy.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Why do ya'll think attendance will be higher?

@WV- Because we invest emotionally in someone/thing that doesn't do the same. It's just like the really hot girl you plooked freshman year calling you a shithead because you never called back- she invested, you got what you needed and moved on to the hot T.A.- Good loving and easy grades!


Goldy said...

Sheets has been called a pussy for about 3 years.

Agree with the clown regarding Cam's D. I thought it was pretty brutal last year. There were some key errors whe he just took terrible routes to the ball. His glove wasn't what I expected it to be.

I would say 99% of Brewers fans are not angry at CC.

Hall is a nutsack. I wish Hart was involved in more trade rumors.

Anonymous said...

Hart is involved with a trade rumor to Atlanta

brad said...

Teams often see an attendence jump the year AFTER the big season.

Colorado 2007/2008
Detroit 2006/2007
ChiSox 2005/2006
Minnesota 1987/1988
Minnesota 1991/1992
Milwaukee 1982/1983 baby!

AP said...

RE:CC-Calling CC CPT. Cash isn't related to being angry, it's born of the reality that the guy is freaking loaded now. I don't think any Brewer fan is mad at him.

RE: Cameron. The Cameron debate has been pretty polemic in his brief time here. People either love him or hate him, and there's not much middle ground. Honestly I thought Cameron was great while he was here.

RE: #4. It was the way he left that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Trying to force a trade to the Vikings and doing stupid little fluff pieces with Greta van Sustern isn't the best way to end an iconic career. Especially after weeping and being done with football 2 months prior.

RE: Sheets. Clown's right. Dude's a walking vagina.

D'Amico's one good year said...


I understand that... But what really drove attendance last year was CC.

Add to that a lot of people are going to be out of jobs or making less than they did the year before, I don't think there'll be as much eagerness to go to games. I know my friends and I will be cutting back; maybe pick up the baseball slack hitting some T-Rats games (way cheaper)...

ClownShipLollypop said...

I Think describing Cameroons time in Milwaukee as "great" is a tad overboard, but I suppose calling him a shitbag is also.

His power was more than expected. He did jack plenty, but his defense was way less than advertised. Including a "bad route" that quite possibly cost us a playoff game.

I also hate the way he runs. He looks like he's on Tony Little's Gazelle.

wrigleyville said...

brad -

but all of those teams went to a world series. the brewers lost 3 of 4 in a divisional series...

Matt said...

Apparently the Yankees want the Brewers to take on some of Cameron's salary in that deal (which I hate, by the way, unless it is a precursor to adding salary in the form of a starting arm).

This from the team that bid against itself in adding $20 million to the CC contract, and is supposedly offering huge contracts to Burnett, Lowe, etc.

Hopefully Melvin tells the Yankees to go F themselves, which it appears that he has.

Matt said...

Wait a minute - I've never seen Wrigleyville post a comment without being signed in to Blogger.

Do we have 2 Wriglevilles running around this joint?

Wrigleyville said...

i couldn't get it to let me sign in, for some reason.

ClownShipLollypop said...

At least we won ONE.

(You know I had to)

brad said...

DOGY - I understand the economic conditions will keep some people doubt. But some of the big revenue streams are already locked in by contracts (TV/radio rights, luxury boxes, ads, things like TGIF, etc...). Of course attendance is important, but going from 3 mil down to, say, 2.7 mil isn't as big of a deal as you would think.

WV - The Brewers made the playoffs...that IS the World Series for us. Besides, I only grabbed a few teams off the top of my head.

D'Amico's one good year said...

I'm going to miss Cameron- He's the best CF we've had since Darryl Hamilton (who WAS good, damn it!)

And if the Yanks don't give Kennedy, too? F'em.

Crew picked up a heat thrower in the rule 5 draft, BTW

D'Amico's one good year said...


True, True.

I just want them to do something. It feels like passive time again. Like we're going to sign a Jose Hernandez/Jeffery Hammonds type guy and be told "look, we're trying so hard!"

I just miss baseball :(

brad said...

DOGY - You mean the Bucks don't fill your cold winter nights with enjoyment? Ha.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I never really looked at how many times the Yankees have been to the World Series until now. 37 fucking times?! 37?!

Isn't it time they joined a scratch league?

D'Amico's one good year said...


What's a buck?