Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm not trying to make excuses or rationalize a bad season, I promise. Trust me, I'm just making an observation. Check out the teams GB has played thus far. Wow, that looks pretty solid...only 2 sub .500 teams.

Tennessee (11-1)
Carolina (9-3)
Tampa Bay (9-3)
Indy (8-4)
Atlanta (8-4)
Dallas (8-4)
Minnesota (7-5)
Minnesota (7-5)
Chicago (6-6)
New Orleans (6-6)
Seattle (2-10)
Detroit (0-12)


Matt said...

You could also say that they only managed to beat 2 teams that have winning records thus far this season, if you're a glass half empty kind of guy.

woziszeus said...

The Packers schedule is/was/has been brutal this whole year so far.

So many factors have to fall into place to win 11-12 games.

Last year: minimal key injuries...a schedule that wound up being "soft."

This year: Half of D-line injured...a very hard schedule.

It's the difference between being a division winner and being 8-8.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Can I haz baseball cheezburger soon?

Packers season= a sad.

Todd said...

In the big picture, the best thing that happened to this team this season was the Favre trade. Your 2008 GB Packers ain't Brett Favre away from being a solid playoff team. So let Rodgers take this lumps this year and go have it next season with a QB that has a year of starting under his belt.

Woz-I met Trenni in the media will call booth yesterday. She left for Manhattan today. Apparently, she didn't think she was going to get the MLB Network position, but, Surprise!