Wednesday, December 3, 2008

North Carolina...Wow

North Carolina is absolutely steamrolling Michigan State. They're up by about 100 right now. "Loaded" doesn't even begin to describe the Tar Heels...holy crap. I've always thought the '96 Kentucky squad with about 10 NBAers (Ron Mercer, 'Toine Walker, Walter McCardy, Tony Delk, Derek Anderson, Mark Pope, Nazr Mohammed, etc) was the best I've ever seen. UNC might give them a run. Beat an Izzo-coached squad by 30 and a pretty good Notre Dame outfit by 20? Yikes.


mgd mike said...

1990 UNLV best basketball team of all time!

garcia said...

Mark Pope? really? did you have to drop his name?

brad said...

Of course!