Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jess Settles Award Nominees

Seems like these guys have been playing college ball since 2001. Evan Eschmeyer thinks these guys have been around forever.

Dom James, Marquette
Scottie Reynolds, Villanova (Only a junior!)
Josh Shipp, UCLA
A Bunch Of Guys, Pitt
AJ Abrams, Texas
Luke Recker, Iowa
Wink Adams, UNLV (Didn't he beat UW in the tourney like 5 years ago?)

Leader in the clubhouse- Ronald Steele, Alabama. I'm certain he beat MU in the first round when James/McNeal were frosh. I'll bet Steele was NOT a frosh at this point. Also certain that this was Steve Novak's final game. Jeesh, Steele might have been Sprewell's teammate at Bama.


Todd said...

Brad you're just dominating this site tonight.

Although he's already graduated, you can't over look Milwaukee's own James Wright. Bruce Pearl's official "no opposing team, you will not easily inbound the ball" guy.

Justin said...

Steele was on the Alabama team that the James Wright lead UWM Panthers bounced out on their way to the sweet 16.

I know he's gotten at least one medical redshirt, so that would partially explain his 8 years in college.

Todd said...

It's not hoops, but Glenn Sharpe played for the Miami Hurricanes for 9 years.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Holy shit, I go away for like 2 weeks and everything is different.

No CC post yet? Slackers.

Anonymous said...


CC's a yank...

Anonymous said...

Tyler Hansbourgh

ClownShipLollypop said...

I'm just glad it's done with. Now we can focus on realistic goals / players.

I still say we should trade Hall for a bag of bats.

Goldy said...

Javorski Lane
John Scheyer
Pargo and Hyveldt from Gonzaga
Goran Suton