Thursday, December 18, 2008

"It's probably not going to happen."

Thank God!

As a result of speculative circumstances, it appears that the whole "Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera and possibly some sucky Japanese guy" deal has been declared dead. Mike Cameron is going to be back as a Brewer in 2009.

You all know where I stand on this. I'm jumping in my cubicle this morning. I never liked the deal to begin with. Mike Cameron is a damn good baseball player. Good D. Hits bombs. Good in the clubhouse. Runs well. Veteran. All that jazz. He was the starting CF for a playoff team last year, and well...I wasn't looking forward to a decrease in production from that spot, which is what Melky Cabrera would have been.

So now it's starting to look like all the Brewers position players (again, from the PLAYOFF team that won 91 games last year) will be coming back. Sure there may be a minor change (Hall platooned with Lamb...maybe Gamel fills in somewhere) but basically it's the same core of our nucleus players with good veterans in key spots and in the backup positions.

It's been beaten to death...but this team needs a starting pitcher. Everything you read has Melvin quoting the market is drying up...they're going to wait until mid-January...everybody needs starting pitching...etc.

It's funny how 1 guy/1 position could potentially swing things. As the roster stands right now, the Brewers (barring injury) are probably an 80-85 win team. Depending on who (if) they get as an additional starting pitcher, that will determine if they can jump back into the 85-90 win range...which is playoff range.

Again...get to work Doug. In Doug I trust.


D'Amico's one good year said...

Brad Penny is who I'd like. Personally.

AP said...


Just sayin'.....

D'Amico's one good year said...

I'd be ok with sheets, too. And Penny is similar to sheets in the ouchy dept.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

Boooo! Not a Cameron fan. This is not going to be a contending team next year. Cut the big money when you get the chance and give the youth some much needed experience. There is no move that Melvin can make at this point that make this a contending team. A .500year next year would be a huge success. One the other hand, I guess the Brewers will be saving on the AC bill this summer with Cameron supplying a refreshing breeze to the stadium while at the plate.

Mykenk said...

So, let's see. Changes from 2008:

Lamb instead of Hall batting against righties at third all year? Upgrade!

Gallardo replacing Sheets? Wash!

The only other change is the loss of 1/2 of CC Sabathia.

We don't have to sign an ace to replace him, that's impossible. Gallardo slides into the number 1 slot, everyone else stays where they are. We need a solid #2 type starter, and we're pretty much exactly where we were last year.

Except for that closer situation, but that wasn't really all that solid last year anyway, and the relief leading up to the closer has improved.

No reason this team can't be competitive for the WC next year, no one else has dramatically improved

Anonymous said...

I say go after some risky players with upside, i.e. Penny. I also heard that have interest in Daniel Cabrera. Give them a cool million and see what they can do.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I think the key to this year is Parra.

D'Amico's one good year said...


Agreed. Parra showed last year that he has the stuff to be a stud... He just needs either better control on that sinker or a different out pitch. I like a lefty that throws 95.

ClownShipLollypop said...

His main issue seems to be stamina. Hopefully conditioning in the offseason will help. Also, he'll have the experience of a full season now.

As long as Fatty McTurd pants doesn't going into a meat rage again... It may sound stupid, but after that he wasn't the same. Something got into his head. Maybe he was afraid Field was going to sit on him if he didn't perform?

At this point they should probably be seriously talking to Sheets. (I can't believe I just said that)

brad said...

I think they need relief pitching just as much as starters. Is there any chance Shouse re-signs? If not, they need to replace their two best relievers (Shouse, Torres) to an already suspect bunch. Hopefully Riske turns it around. No, I'm not buying Jorge Julio.

D'Amico's one good year said...

I'm really hoping that Rule 5 guy works out... Are there any prospects in AA or AAA for the bullpen?

Would they use Jeffress in a relief role to get him up to speed?

And Clown- Yah, stamina was an issue, too. He is filthy, though.

Goldy said...

I thought Pena at AAA was a closer prospect but kind of fizzled last season.
I agree that talkign with Shets sounds like a good deal right now. It's hard to tell wjhat is going on. Outside of Sbathia, Burnett, Wood and Dempster, not a lot of pitcher signings. Heck not a lot of signings in general. Is Furcal the biggest named everyday player to sign?

ClownShipLollypop said...

Yeah, that Jorge Julio chump is getting blown up in the winter league. He's got like a 6.8 ERA.

Can't wait for that shitlump.