Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel as good tonight about the Badgers as I have all season

This morning I stared writing up a post and it went like this:

I think the Badgers Basketball Team is in Trouble

11 games into the season and the Badger hoopsters are 9-2. Not bad considering their two losses are against #2 UConn at a neutral site and against #25 Marquette in Milwaukee in a game in which the Badgers controlled for 30 minutes and then went into one of their trademark funks.

The thing that bothers me about this team is their inability to put away the crappy teams they have played. They killed SIU-Edwardsville, but I am pretty sure they are the worst team in D-1.

I was going to continue to talk about how the Badgers just stand around and shoot with no one going to the hole or interior passing, the poor defense attributed to slowness and the propensity to reach and their terrible ball handling. I was going to predict a 10 - 15 point Texas win with the game never being close.

Well, the Badgers showed me something tonight. They still have some fight in them. This isn't a great team or even a very good team, but it is a NCAA Tournament team. Luer showed what he is capable of. Looked like Wilkinson. When he gets the ball he is always in the triple threat position. I liked his drives to the hoop. Krabbenhoft is the exact opposite at this point. The guy looks scared and tentative out there. He is a senior and he came into the program highly regarded. Its one thing to be the glue guy in years 1 and 2, but you have to show some offensive ability at some point. I know Joe is the fan favorite, and I like the guy, but honestly, I just expected more. Hughes had a decent game and I thought he did a good job on Abrahms, that dud just made some nice shots and you tip your cap. I guess Johnson's 3 was karmic retribution for the Butch 3 against the druggies of Indiana last season. Pretty bush for Texas to stomp on the W, but, whatever.

Honestly, I liked what I saw out of Wisconsin tonight. Texas came at them out of the gate and flustered Wisconsin, but the Badgers regrouped and I liked that. Nothing to terrible ref wise, but I don't think the Badgers were getting any breaks. All in all a good game to watch. The Badgers need to regroup and prepare for a tough Michigan squad. Manny Harris is good.

Anyhow, at this point, I'll stick to my original call of 8-10 losses for the Badgers. However, I do feel better about the outlook than I did at 9 AM.

Also, great win for the Bucks. And, seriously, how can anyone outside of NYC be a Yankees fan? What is the fun in that?

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Tim said...

It's nice to see the Big Ten hanging with some top programs. Minnesota and Michigan State got some big wins this weekend, and Illinois beating Missouri last night was a bonus for the league. I hope they don't beat the hell out of eaach other all season so only four teams make the tournament.