Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everybody Welcome...The Los Angeles Vikings!

Vikings fans are great.

From ProFootballTalk.com

On Monday, various Vikings fans took issue in the comments with our decision to point out the fact that 20,000 seats remain for Sunday’s playoff game against the Eagles.

Some thought that it was misleading to suggest that the availability of so many tickets on the first day after the clinching of a playoff berth might result in a local blackout of the game.

But, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune points out, the threat of a failure to sell out the Metrodome is real. The problem is that a whopping 45 percent of the season-tickets holders opted not to buy playoff tickets.

Forty-five percent.


Vikings V.P. of sales and marketing Steve LaCroix says that some fans were reluctant to buy tickets until they knew for sure that the team would make the playoffs, and that as of Monday sales were brisk.

Then again, “marketing” is defined as “saying whatever needs to be said regardless of its truth or accuracy in order to move merchandise.” And thus we don’t put much stock in LaCroix’s line of LaCrap. Indeed, since the season-ticket holders would have received refunds if the Vikings hadn’t qualified for the postseason, why wouldn’t they have protected their ability to sit in the same seats they occupy for every home game?


woziszeus said...

And...that is reason No. 1426 why the Minnesota Vikings suck.

Todd said...

Other reasons why Minnesota sucks:
-The Target Center has Wrigley like troughs in the mens rooms
-In fall when the puddles dry up, they only boast 5,000 lakes
-Have you seen the dome in person?
-The Northstars were so beloved they left and promptly won a title
-Their hero and God Kirby Puckett was an obese, perverted d'bag.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I enjoy chanting "Kirby's dead" when the Twins are in town.

They really don't like that very much...

Tim said...

This reminds me of last season. In order to purchas a ticket to the Packers game in MN, you were forced to buy a Falcons ticket because they knew that was the only way they were going to sell any of those.

Anonymous said...

I know they suck right....I bet those Packers playoff tickets sold out really fast...he he he

Anonymous said...

Those season ticket holders were going to buy the playoff tickets...but then they remembered that Tavaris Jackson is their quarterback so you can't really blame them.