Friday, December 19, 2008

CC And Milwaukee Fan's Expectations

Via Deadspin, our former Hefty Lefty says there would be more pressure for him to win in Milwaukee than New York:

"If I had gone back to Milwaukee, they would have been looking to me to win every single game. I expect to win every single game here, too, but there would have been more immense pressure there because they wouldn't have been able to put the pieces around me to help me win. I think I can get that here....

If I had went somewhere else, they would have expected me to do what I did the last second half in Milwaukee and you know that's kinda unrealistic."



D'Amico's one good year said...

So he wants... Lowered expectations?


Sorry for loving you so much? And thinking you were the shit?

Anonymous said...

So he expects to win every game, he thought we would expect to win every game - yeah that never would have worked out.

Todd said...

Is CC morphing into a turd?

Charlie Marlow said...

That's one mighty fine pile of justification.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry CC, the Yankee fans won't have any major expectations for you. It's not like you have a big contract or anything.

Just once I want someone to just say it's about the money.