Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can we severe all ties please?

With all the coaching announcements yesterday, there was a nice little nugget that was buried near the end that I chuckled at:

Ned Yost IV returns to the Helena coaching staff, with a pitching coach to be named later.

Apparently when we cut down the Ned Yost tree, we didn't pull out the roots. Little Yost is starting to grow!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Chuckie Hacks Executive Committee is sending me on a plane to meet face to face with Yost the IV today. I'll choose my words carefully, modeled after what Principal Strickland says to Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part 1 when Strickland finds out McFly and his band are auditioning to play for the student dance.

"I understand you plan on coaching this year for the Helena squad again Yost the IV why do you even bother you don't stand a chance you're too much like you're old man! No Yost will ever amount to anything in the history of the Brewers Organization!"

Yost IV won't know what hit him.


Anonymous said...

"Thank you. That's enough coaching."

"I'm afraid your just too darn stupid."

Tim said...

Is it possible they don't have newspapers in Helena?