Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bogut matches up well with Duncan

Energee dancer tosses out free implants at Bucks game!

Big win for the Bucks tonight. We can only hope Andre Rison was in attendance. Anyway, Andrew Bogut had another big night. 20 points on 9-13 shooting while going 2-2 from the line with the FTs coming in crunch time. Also had 14 boards 3 blocks and 4 assists, the last one a pretty bounce pass to Charlie Bell.

The Bucks did their best to piss away a 5 point lead with 10 seconds to go, including a 5-second violation on an in-bounds, but held on for the victory. For some reason this team plays good against the Spurs. I think they said during the broadcast that the Bucks were 12-8 against the Spurs in the Duncan era.

I would also like to pint out that Bogut does a great job against Duncan. He is willing to be physical with him and I think that frustrates Duncan. Andrew played some great D tonight altering several of Duncan's shots in the 4th and drawing the trademark Bogut charge. Last year at the BC Bogut shut down Duncan and made him look very old. For the year Bogut is averaging a double-double have to like that.

Great win for the bucks. Blew a double digit lead, went down 4 halfway through the 4th and came back and held on to win. This is a new Bucks team that is fun to watch because they play D and move the ball. There is still room on the bandwagon for those of you who previously felt the need to comment about how much you hate the Bucks every time they were brought up!


ClownShipLollypop said...

I love the caption.

garcia said...

I just don't like NBA basketball. In my love for Wisconsin sports, they are close to the bottom of my list... but I will still cheer for them.

They rank just above the team that Tyler Donovan just signed with... the Milwaukee Andre Rison's? Is that their name...?