Sunday, November 2, 2008

That One Hurt

If you told me pregame Green Bay would roll up 390 yards of offense, rush for 4.3 ypc, "hold" them to 4.9 ypc, dominate the time of possession (in regulation), sack Collins twice, watch Driver have a breakout game....I would have said "hell, yes. I'll take that." Well, it was a great game but Tennessee won the field goal contest. Green Bay (and the Titans, for that matter) just couldn't punch it over the goal line, instead settling for field goals. Plenty of "pawsitives" in this game, but a loss is a loss. Who else was rooting hard for Detroit to beat Chicago? Almost.

Playing perhaps the best and most physical team in the NFL to a standstill is nice, but it still adds up to 4-4. A ton of football left to be played, including two with Chicago. Should be an interesting finish.


Anonymous said...

Those 2 turnovers by Rodgers really hurt us playing against a team like the Titans.

Some very important games coming up.

AP said...

Just a few questions:

Why wasn't Poppinga wearing street clothes after that stupid penalty ala Vernon Davis?

What has Finley done to become the focal point of our offense on 4th downs and in the red zone?

Does Barnett ever plan on making a play this year?

Plesac's A Traitor said...

Agreed w/ Barnett. He's been awful. And nonexistent. Must be the curse of doing Time Warner commercials. Watch out Driver!

AP said...

On the postgame show they were bashing Barnett. They were saying he "just runs."

He doesn't make tackles, he doesn't fill holes, he doesn't play defense. He just runs. He goes out there and runs around a lot. He runs himself out of plays and he over pursues. At the end of the day he covers a lot of ground but really has nothing to show for it. So far in 2008, that sounds about right.