Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Really Not That Hard - See

President-elect Obama called me to lead his newly created College Football Playoff Committee. The goal: Create a college football playoff system that still keeps the morons administrators who like the current bowl system happy. I gladly accepted.

If your conference has a championship game, fine. Keep it. If it doesn't, that's fine too.

16 team playoff. I wanted to do 12 and give the top 4 seeds a bye, but 16 would pile more money into the NCAA. They like money.

6 Automatic Bids (Conference Champs) from each of the BCS conferences
2 Automatic bids to the two best non-BCS conference teams
8 At larges

We can use that stupid BCS Commodore 64 to figure out the 2 best non-BCS teams and 8 at-larges. If you want stipulations like: a max of 3 teams from one conference or teams from the same conference can't play in the first round...I’m flexible. Surly #17, 18, and 19 will be pissed. Yeah, well so is #65 in hoops. There will always be bickering.

First Round (8 Games - Dec 12th - 13th): At home sites of the higher seed.
These tickets would sell out faster than you can say "Butler By'note." A couple games on Friday night, the rest Saturday. I even threw in an off week after round one so the "student-athletes" can study for finals. Because, as we know, the NCAA's biggest concern is the students. Yeah, right.

Second Round (4 Games - Dec 27th ): Gator#, Holiday#, Cotton#, Sugar*
Here's where you start incorporating the bowls. Other second tier bowls (Outback, Capital One) will want a piece of the pie. Fine; they can rotate with the bowls noted with one of these things next to them #. Worried about selling tickets? Then regionalize some games. Put a Pac-10 team in the Holiday Bowl site. Put a SEC team in the Gator. The Big-11 would get screwed because there's zero worthwhile bowls up north. Another solution - move the Outback and Capital One (the two second tier bowls with little history/tradition) to the domes in Indy, St. Louis, or Detroit once in a while. Would the Outback Bowl people really care if it's bowl game is in Indianapolis in 2016? Of course, all these sites would be predetermined years in advance, like in Hoops.

Honestly, when's the last time you watched the Cotton Bowl? Who even played in last years Cotton? (Mizzu 38, Arkansas 7, by the way) Look, I'm sure it will be another memorable game this January...yawn. But how much more intriguing would the Cotton Bowl be if the winner advanced to the National Semi-Finals? Would you watch now? Hell yeah! The exposure and attention would triple. At least! In years when certain second tier bowls are not part of the playoffs, play them like they do now. Go ahead.

Semi-Finals (2 Games - New Years Day): Fiesta*, Orange*

Championship (Jan 8th): Rose*

The four Big Guns with asterisks (Sugar, Rose, Fiesta, Orange) will rotate every 4 years. Thus, like they do now, each of these bowls will host the championship game every 4th year. I can already hear the bitching from the Pac-10 offices. They seem to enjoy the antiquated tradition of Big-11 vs Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl every year. Their soft spot for us in the Upper Midwest is appreciated, but it’s time to move on. The string was already broken with Texas playing in the Rose in 2005 and 2006. Is anybody really exited for this year's Rose? Penn St is in. If Oregon State beats Oregon, we have a rematch of a week 3 meeting: Penn St 45, Oregon St 14. Yippee!! If the Beavers lose, USC is in. Do we really want to see USC bitch slap another Big-11 school? Click here, here, here, here, and here for a refresher course.

Regular Season Diminished?
Here's the big one: "This would diminish the regular season." Not really. These teams would still be fighting for conference titles, rivalry games, BCS positions, NFL draftablility, and that first round home game. And the thought that "ever game matters now" is a farce. Last year, LSU lost to unranked Kentucky and Arkansas. Didn't matter - they played in the championship game anyway. I understand monumental losses like Pitt knocking West Virginia out of the national title game last year in week 12 would be gone. But, did you watch that game? I didn't. The trade off is worth it.

What about the other bowls?
Go ahead, play 'em. You can still have your Horseshit.com bowls where 7-5 Minnesota can collect a fat check, take their squad on a vacation, and the head coach can tell recruits "come to Minnesota, we go to bowls."

The old schoolers still get their bowls. The fat cats stuff their wallets. They can still use their bullshit computers. The Apathy.com bowls will continue to please the 6-6 teams of the world. There is still a huge party on New Years Day. And we will finally see what most people want - a real ending to the college football season.

Everybody happy? Yeah? Great. Now lets line 'em up and play some Goddamn football!

Seeds as of Today....straight from the BCS with Cincinnati and FSU added 15 and 16 because the ACC and Big East are devoid of any top 16 teams.

1) Alabama - SEC Champ
2) Texas - Big 12 Champ
3) Oklahoma
4) Florida
5) USC -Pac 10 Champ
6) Utah
7) Texas Tech
8) Penn St - Big 11 Champ
9) Boise St
10) Ohio St
11) Georgia
12) Oklahoma St
13) Missouri
14) TCU
15) Cincinatti - Big East Champ
16) Florida St - ACC Champ

Bracket looks like this: Sorry it's crappy, a graphic designer I am not. The little turds in front of the top 8 seeds are the @ sign. As mentioned, the sites will rotate.

Now THAT’S change we can believe in, right Barack!!

Brad - Chuckie Hacks/President - College Football Playoff Committee


Justin said...
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Justin said...

Oregon State is the Pac 10 Champ if the season were to end today and if they win out.

Like the idea though. If they started these games around Jan. 1 theoretically you wouldn't need any time off for student exams

Woz said...

The United States of Obama!

ClownShipLollypop said...

Change we can bereave in.