Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Response to the Conspiracy Post

I was typing this out in the comments, but it just got too long. Dissenting opinions from the Chuckie Hacks editorial board.

I don't see how any of this is a conspiracy. It just seems to be the facts of what the Brewers are going to do this off season. Outside of the Cameron thing, I don't see how any of this can be seen as "slashing payroll". Yes, there is a reality that the Brewers are not working with the same payroll as the Yankees and they must work within a budget. The question is, how can they position themselves to win now and be set up for the future and stay within that budget, ala the Twins.
Lets look at Brad's points:
1.) They made the best offer they could to CC. As little of a chance as there is, we are one of about 5 teams that could sign him. The Brewers can't do anything stupid to hamstring themselves payroll wise so they offered him as much as they could. The shorter contract works for the Brewers but not for CC. Its a legit offer, but the Brewers cant go 6-years $150 mil plus with him. It is just not prudent for the long term health of the roster. I don't see this as window dressing. The Brewers made their best offer, which is legit and hope that he really liked Milwaukee and the team.
2.) Yah, no shit. When the Astros throw a 5-year $80 million dollar deal at him, why would the Brewers even bother. I am sur ethe Brewers know his medical history as well as anyone and how good his arm really is. I am sure they are going to talk to Sheets agent to see what the rate is, but in the en, a team like the Brewers can't afford to invest in a guy who makes 20 - 25 starts per year.
3.)Yah, they could trade him, but I don't see them trading him just to trade him. Honestly, $10 mil is a legit salary for Cameron. Heck Gagne made $10 mil last year. If a legit trade pops up, I am all for looking at trading anyone on the roster not named Braun or Gallardo.
4.)After Prince did not accept the extension at the beginning of last year, which Hadricourt reported was for more money than Braun got, the Brewers knew he was headed to free agency. I believe Howard got $10 mil in his arby year with an MVP under his belt. Prince is no Ryan Howard. Look for him to get $7-8 mil, a salary the Brewers can easily handle. They are not looking to trade him before his salary goes up. They are looking to trade him now while he still has some years under team control so they can get a better return on him. They will get more if they trade him now to a team that will have him for 2 years as opposed to the second half of a season.
5.)Again, no shit his would want to trade Hall and Suppan. Any decent GM would want to unload guys underperforming. This isn't anything shocking.
6.) Just because the bullpen was shaky last season doesn't mean they are not going to spend on it this year.

I guess i just don't see what you are getting at. Any GM would be looking at all of these moves you mentioned. I don't see how any of this is a conspiracy.


brad said...

I should have noted that some of these are good baseball decisions (ridding Hall/Suppan), while others are debatable (some say Cameron sucks, some say he's good).

I guess all of these seem to be payroll friendly - every single one. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. Especially if they go Cameron for Melkey Cereal Baby.

As for the CC deal - I love it and it looks great for PR...but he's not gonna take it. Is it a legitimate offer if there's zero chance he takes it?

Charlie Marlow said...

I'm with you Goldy. Melky Cabrera is better than Tony Gwynn Jr., and Mike Cameron is NOT $9.5MM better than Cabrera.

Other players have given 'discounts' to teams in the past. Obviously no one knows what goes on in the clubhouse but the players, but apparently CC enjoyed his time here and liked the atmosphere not only living in Milwaukee but playing here...and he's said as much. Whether the atmosphere and rapport he's built here is enough to keep him in Milwaukee is his decision. I believe he's not going to turn down the extra $$$$$$$. Would you prefer that they just said "ah fuck it dude. Let's go bowlin'" and let him walk without even trying? I sure wouldn't.

I think they'll offer Ben Sheets. Whether he takes it or not is anyone's guess.

The problem with Suppan and Hall ARE their contracts. Their contracts are like fat people in spandex: you don't want to look at them, but you have to because you're so repulsed.

Yes I think they'll spend on the bullpen.