Monday, November 3, 2008

Jermichael Finley will be running extra laps this week offense to Jermichael Finley, but it took me some time to even realize who he was until I read about these comments he made yesterday in today's paper.

"I'm ready to execute," Finley said. "I'm ready to play now. You know what I'm saying? And I think I should get used more."

Yeah dog...we know what you saying!

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin kinda/sorta knew what he was saying:

"Interesting comment," Philbin said. "I think that's interesting. I'll withhold comment."

But here's the kicker's what a guy who made his first catch EVER in the NFL had to say after the game with regards to one of the throws made by his QB to him:
"I've made plays like that in practice - several," Finley said. "I think he should have led me a little more. Well, a lot more. Really he didn't throw it good at all, to be honest. I just think. . . . He knows my game, coaches know my game. I'm more like a run and jump. I'm really not no back shoulder or whatever he had going on back there. They just have to know what kind of player I am and use me in that aspect of the game."

Oh man...this is just rich stuff. Stay tuned for more sound bites from this dope in the future.


D'Amico's one good year said...

Make the catch, rook... THEN talk.

Damn Texas nutters....

brad said...

Wow...just, wow.

AP said...

Where does Finley rank on your Packer depth chart as far as touches are concerned?

1. Jennings
2. Grant
3. Driver
4. Jordy Nelson
5. James Jones
6. Donald Lee
7. Brandon Jackson
8. Ruvell Martin
9. Maybe Finley....maybe

He can just go ahead and shut up now. He's lucky if they throw to him 5 times this year, and he shouldn't complain if all 5 of those passes are skipped in at his feet. He should just be happy the coordinator remembers his name. Asshat.

Matt said...

That quote is Chuckie-Carr-Esque. All he was missing was referring to himself in the third person.

garcia said...

I don't know AP...

I had Chad Clifton at 9 and KGB at 10 even though he was just let go.

How 'bout we just get rid of this Jerm!

AP said...

My mistake Garcia.

9. Kuhn (Who actually caught a TD this year)
10. Clifton (Tackle eligible)
11. KGB
12. Finley

Charlie Marlow said...

Charles Woodson comes before Finley, too, ap...

blueguitarbob said...

We should be thankful that quotes like this are rare in the Packer locker room. Usually, the veterans do a very good job of educating rookies about the standards of conduct in Green Bay. This one obviously missed a few sessions.

I'm sure that's being corrected today. I'm also pretty sure that I wouldn't want to be in Mr. Finley's shoes. We'll not hear from him for the rest of the year.

AP said...


12. Woodson
13. Finley

....So if you rule out 25% of the team, Finley is our go to guy. I sure do hope the Packers find a way to get him the ball more and make sure to do it in critical situations.

AP said...

By the way, McCarthy added this from his press conference yesterday when he was asked about that 4th down play-

"I don't agree with the tight end's quote, Jermichael. But we were expecting man in that particular situation. It's a hot situation for that particular play. Jermichael had a poor release. He was too high, and Aaron was trying to back-shoulder him. It's a play that we practice all of the time. It's a common throw in our offense. That was the 4th-and-1..."

So, it's safe to say Finley's quote didn't go unnoticed. Over and under on the number of ladders Finley is running in practice this week = 65.5.