Monday, November 3, 2008

2006 NFL Draft Flashback

The Green Bay Press Gazette provides a status report of the first 15 picks from the 2006 draft - when the Pack selected AJ Hawk 5th. Recap:

- Overall, it was a bad draft to have a top 5 pick.
- Hawk, as expected, was graded as a solid, but unspectacular player who's production has fallen this year due to injury.
- Only 4 players are considered "impact players" from the top 15: Reggie Bush (drafted 2nd), Mario Williams (1st), Jay Cutler (11th) and Haloti Ngata (12th).
- Bush and Williams were gone before the Packers picked, Cutler wasn't an option because of drafting Chuck the year before, and Ngata would have been a serious reach at 5...Green Bay also signed Ryan Pickett that off season, who plays the same position.
- I love the honest assessment of Vernon Davis: "Hell of a workout guy." Ha.
- The most interesting thing was the oh-so-close scenario of Mario Williams falling to Green Bay. So close:

There was at least an outside chance the Packers could have ended up with one of the impact players in ’06 if the drama leading up to draft day had turned out differently. Houston had the No. 1 pick and opened contract talks with Bush and Williams the week before the draft. The Texans signed Williams the day before the draft, but if they’d gone with Bush instead, two of the scouts said New Orleans appeared ready to take Hawk at No. 2 overall. Tennessee still would have selected Young at No. 3, and the New York Jets probably still would have taken left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson at No. 4. That would have left Williams for the Packers at No. 5.


Goldy said...

How many of them are JAGs?

Anonymous said...

If I'd have stuck with football after Pop Warner I'm pretty sure I would have been in the top 5 of that draft, so you might want to take that into consideration in your hypotheticals.

brad said...

For the record, those were not my hypotheticals, they were from the GB Press Gazette.

Justin said...

I do recall that. I remember when all the mocks came out Williams was projected to be taken in the 8-10 range, then slowly it was at 5 to us, and before you knew it he shot all the way up.

I remember at the time not wanting him, but man would he look good on the other side of Kampman right about now.

We were almost in a no win. We had to take Hawk there even though he doesn't project to be a game changer, but rather just a solid player.

At least Teddy didn't buy into all the Vernon Davis hype. I remember being terrified we'd grab him instead