Monday, November 17, 2008

First Free Agent Signs

The San Francisco Giants fired the first shot in free agency this off-season, signing....... Jeremy Affeldt! His job next year? To:

help forge the bridge between the Giants' starters and closer Brian Wilson

If you say so.

If I were the Giants, I'd try to sign guys who can put bat on ball, but that's just me.


Goldy said...

Jeez, he was supposed to be the long term #2 starter in KC just a few years ago. Great job Jeremy. May you have a long and succesful career as a LOOGY.

Charlie Marlow said...

That's silly. He was a guy I'd had my eye on that I thought might be a good fit for the Brewers.

At least if they can hold the other teams to a low enough run total, it might give Bengie Molina time to single in Randy Winn. With that firepower, who needs another bat?