Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Would You Like to Come to the Pants-Wetting Party?

Mike Golic Jr. was one of two Notre Dame football players who attended a pants-wetting party recently at South Bend. Well, it didn't start out to be a pants-wetting party, until South Bend's finest intervened.

Attorney Jeff Stesiak, who represents Yeatman and several of the women who rent the residence on Colfax, says the renters claim in sworn affidavits that the police were never granted permission to enter the residence; that police were overzealous in their scope and their manner; that Miranda Rights weren't read to most if not all of the students; that Yeatman and fellow football player Golic were taunted and that somehow quarterback Jimmy Clausen's name became part of the taunting even though Clausen wasn't present; and that several of the arrested parties told police they had to go to the restroom and were turned down and they ended up wetting themselves.

The cops make you piss your pants if picked up for underage drinking? Yet another in the long list of reasons not to go to Notre Dame.

(Story found via The Big Lead).


thecobra said...

It's the Indiana Law Enforcement Officers! They have this huge boner for busting underagers.

Nubs said...

Cobra are you not telling us the whole story?