Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'll tell you what's fitting.

Rickie Weeks makes an outstanding play in the bottom of the first off a low one hop liner to his right to get a tough out.

Two innings later, the chump can't even catch a ball that gets thrown to him at 1st base. If that doesn't sum up his 4 year career to this point, I'm not sure what will.

I'll tell you what's not fitting.

Dale Sveum has the AUDACITY to not only play Bill Hall, but to bat him 2nd in the lineup. 2nd!!! It's not like we need reminding...but I'm going to write it again in bold letters so the point is driven home. BILL HALL IS THE WORST OFFENSIVE PLAYER ON THIS TEAM. He brings nothing to the table. Zero. When Bill Hall comes up, every Brewer fan knows what coming. Strike. Out. Pop. Up. Then Bill swears, throws his bat down in disgust, and jogs to 1st.

Bill Hall sucks. Rickie Weeks is incredibly inconsistent both offensively and defensively.

I beg you Dale Sveum...I seriously beg you the following:
Shut both these chumps down now. Bill Hall I never want to see on the diamond again, unless it's a 12 inning game and he's the last pinch hitter. Rickie can pinch hit, but that's it. SCREW righty-lefty matchups...platooning...whatever you try to justify yourself to keep these losers in.
Pencil in Ray Durham & Craig Counsell. Durham is playing about as good as any Brewer hitter right now, and you know what you're going to get from with a walk and actual defense.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Start Durham every single game. LHP on the hill or not.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

I've already been scheming in my mind at how the Brewers should fill the holes in the team for next year. 2B, 3B, and CF are positions where we need something new. Here's my take:

3B - K bye Bill Hall, I am assuming Counsell has to be hanging them up after this year (contracts up and no options correct?), which leaves us with a position change. JJ Hardy will move to 3rd making room for Alicedes Escobar. I love the potential, I have heard nothing but good things about his glove and he finally hit a little bit in the minors this year. Include his speed and we have the potential lead off man that we have been lacking since scotty po was traded.

CF - Mike Cameron has done some good things for the Crew this year, unfortunately he has also struck out a ton, and that gold glove is a little rusty. I don't think it is worth picking up his option. Save that money for starting pitching help and the other young players. In another position change Corey Hart moves from Right to Center Field. He has the range and ability to be a above average center field, and I hope for his sake that when the seasons over he doesn't even look at a bat, ball or glove until spring training. He needs to come back with a clear head and perform like we know he can. Matt Gamel will then be right fielder next year, again love the potential huge bat, and if Jeromy Burnitz can play right Matt Gamel can.

2B- This spot is more intriguing because there is no easy fix. I'm done with the Rickie Weeks experiment but I just don't think the team is going to give up on him yet unfortunately. I like Ray Durham, but I don't think he is the everyday option. I can't think of anyone in the organization that would get a look, so that would leave making a trade somewhere, or free agency. I've had my eye on Jose Lopez from the Mariners but I don't know if we could pry him away. Any other suggestions out there?

Anonymous Adam said...

Three guys that potentially could be on the team next year:
David DeJesus: left handed hitting centerfield
Kelly Johnson: left handed hitting second baseman with a good OBP
Hank Blacklock: left handed hitting 3B.

Notice a theme!

ClownShipLollypop said...

wtf. Did you guys delete my post?

Bob Cooper said...

I agree 100%. Start Durham & Counsell for the rest of post season. And at this point Sveum might want to think about bundling Hall & Weeks & trading them both for a bag of bats.

brad said...

Great stuff Jake. One problem is that I hear Hall is basically untradeable, because of the contract. And it's too big to just cut. Hate to say, we're probably stuck with that guy.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

That's what I am afraid of, I can't think of any team out there that would be chomping at the bit to get Bill Hall or Rickie Weeks.

Bob Cooper said...

Contract or not when Hall is out there blowing games with his horrible defense & lack of ability to get a solid hit- he isn't contributing. He's garbage. Time for the Brewers to cut their losses with those two losers.