Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trying to Stay Positive

I'm not trying to be Captain Excuse-Maker on behalf of the Brewers, but I still feel pretty good about this series after yesterday's game.

The Phillies threw their best guy out there yesterday, and he was on. He was constantly throwing his changeup to a righty down and on the outside corner. That is an unhittable pitch. The best they could hope for was to foul that pitch off. He was also spotting his fastball. Joe Simpson (who is the Braves announcer and sees the Phillies a lot) said that this was the best he had ever seen Hamels pitch.

Lidge made more mistakes in his one inning than Hamels made in the previous 8 innings. And the Brewers hit some balls hard, plated a run and had a chance to tie in the 9th inning but didn't get a key hit from Hart (f'ing shocker). The Brewers can at least take something positive into today's game with the at bats that they took in 9th inning.

It was a well-pitched game from both sides (although Gallardo was not hitting his spots) and the weather was garbage. And the defense was garbage in the 3rd. But I think they acquitted themselves fairly well.


Wrigleyville said...

i find it odd that you don't have cubs fans over here typing in all caps saying how crappy the brewers are. oddly, we're getting brewers fans at wv23 taunting cubs fans.

self-awareness isn't a strong suit for some from madison and oak creek, i guess.

woziszeus said...

I was amazed at myself at how calm I was during the game. That was just your basic pitcher's duel that is common in the postseason.

Basically, the team that makes the less amount of mistakes is going to win the game in games like this (sorry to sound like John Madden)...which means, Rickie Weeks can't drop balls thrown to him.

But it looks like we won't have to worry about that today (whew).

Anonymous said...

crew is 8-21 vs teams over .500 in their last 29. not positive

Been Cobra'd said...

Anonymous, those are yost numbers. They have been hot the last week. Yesterday if we field the ball cleanly (and not give them 7 outs in the 3rd) it’s a whole new ball game. CC tonight, then Bush (been tough lately) at home. I like it. No need to panic. Keep your negative energy over by Brad. The Phill’s didn’t win yesterday we lost. Just over an hour getting a little anxious.

brad said...

Hey, how did I get dragged into this? Cobra - you were the one who LIKED Ned Yost, not me.

Been Cobra'd said...

First I am not Cobra. That is the Purdue fan on this sight. I am Been Cobra'd (Opening Day 2007) also on occasion go by nubs when not talking brewer baseball.

Brad we need you to think they suck and the rest of you Hackers we need all the good energy we can get. That is what works for the crew. That and mini horses, ninja cats, and karate kid fight music.

Lets go crew. Keep turning up the heat!