Friday, October 31, 2008

This just in : Prince Fielder is Fat

Over the last 3 years, I have heard rumors about it. People were talking about it at water coolers, but then whenever it got to crowded they all scattered. Guys that called into talk radio stations eluded to it, but never said it directly. Brian Anderson almost said in once in July, but his partner Bill stopped him before he had the chance.

Well people, the rumors are true. There's a new sheriff in town by the name of Ken, and doggone it, he is going to tell you what we've all been dancing around the last 3+seasons: THAT PRINCE FIELDER IS OVERWEIGHT. Thank you Mike Hunt.

And Macha's fresh eyes might be revelatory. A lot of the same coaches and front-office personnel have seen these players for a long time. As GM Doug Melvin noted, sometimes that dulls the perception.
Maybe, for example, Macha could actually convince Corey Hart that he need not swing at the first pitch. Or, provided the Brewers don't trade Prince Fielder, Macha could tell him what everyone's been dancing around, that Fielder's gotten way too heavy.

Oh thank God Macha is here! He's going to tell everyone the truth! There will be no more lies! Prince Fielder is too fat now! We can all talk about it now with no shame!

Everybody please just hear me out for a second. This has been a long time coming from me. I know that Prince Fielder is fat. You know it. He knows it. He's been a tubby bitch his whole life. He may actually have silverfish nesting in his rolls. But you know what else he does? He hits bombs. He gets on base. He can (sometimes) catch a baseball that is thrown to him from the other infielders.

I'm reminded of a good story that was told in "Moneyball," the book about the Oakland A's, Billy Beane, and how they've succeed in a small market blah blah blah. I'm paraphrasing from memory here, but I believe the story took place during the Amateur draft when there were a dozen scouts and Beane in his war room during the draft. Beane and his smart stat driven men were selecting a overweight catcher, based on his performance in college (This could have been Jeremy Brown, feel free to correct any details if I'm wrong). One of the old scouts snorted and remarked something to the effect of, "Don't like him. He doesn't look good. Too fat." Beane or one his cronies responded with a great line like: "Christ, we're playing baseball here...not modeling jeans."

That's my point here people. WHO CARES if Prince Fielder is fat? I sure as hell don't. You shouldn't either. Does it seriously bother you? He's our first baseman, not our CF or SS. He doesn't have to be nimble. His job is to hit bombs. I'm talking about value here people. I'm talking about "what is his job?" What is Prince Fielder here to do? Here are Prince Fielder's 3 years as a pro for the Brewers:

2006: 157 games, .271/.347/.483, 28HR's with 81 rbi
2007: 158 games, .288/.395/.618, 50HR's with 119 rbi
2008: 159 games, .276/.372/.507, 34HR's with 102 rbi

Oh and guess what, he's 24 freaking years old!!!

I'm sorry, I guess I don't get it. I don't get the fascination about this. I would argue that with perhaps a couple exceptions, there isn't a team in MLB who wouldn't take Prince Fielder right now, "weight" and all. With those numbers, they'll find a spot for him either at 1B or as a DH.

Since Prince denied his long-term contract and decided to play it out year by year, we have heard trade rumors and fans sticking it to him because of his weight. Once again, just look at the numbers. Look at what he has done here.

We've got control over Prince for 3 more years. I'm one guy that hopes he's here for at least 2-3 of them. Now, I've talked with Matt about this, and I am also definitely not against trading Fielder now. It just better be a damn good trade. Unless it's right before the deadline in his 3rd arby year and the Brewers suck, I want valuable major league talent in return. Because you know what? That is what Prince Fielder is: valuable major league talent. All 347 pounds of him.


Rubie Q said...

I'm reminded of another story from "Moneyball," when the A's front office was ecstatic that the Brewers took Prince:

"Cecil Fielder could have swallowed Jeremy Brown whole and had room left for dessert, and the son apparently has an even more troubling weight problem than his father. Here's an astonishing fact. Prince Fielder is too fat even for the Oakland A's. Of no other baseball player in the whole of North America can this be said."

Matt said...

I was going to say that too, Rubie. The Beane-ius of scouting missed on Prince.

Wrigleyville said...

i would say that the point is: he is fat, getting fatter and he is still just 24 years old.

that body just can't hold up past, say, 30. he is farleyesque, at this point.

Anonymous said...

See Vaugh, Mo. New York Mets era.

woziszeus said...

Exactly. And he won't be a Brewer at age 30.

So why is everybody complaining about him being fat when he's tearing it up and when the Brewers are going to be enjoying the "good years?"

Sit back and enjoy the ride...I say.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Agreed, Woz, but with a caveat; I'll gladly have him around as long as his shitty attitude doesn't rub off on guys like Gamel and Escobar.

KL Snow said...

Another important point: Jeremy Brown retired this season. He never made the big leagues.

The Moneyball chapter about the draft loses a lot of steam when taken into historical context. For example, when Beane drafted Nick Swisher, he mocked the teams around him that took high school pitchers. Those pitchers turned out to be Cole Hamels and Scott Kazmir. I think most teams would like to have them around.

Matt said...

The Mets would like to have Kazmir around, that's for sure.

Oh, and Woz, the point is actually that Mike Hunt lacks properly-functioning neurons.

woziszeus said...

Perhaps I went off a little too much:
Let me reiterate:
-Mike Hunt is an idiot.
-I was using the Moneyball quote in generalities about getting guys that know how to play baseball, not wanting to get into a debate about sabrmetrics and Billy Beane and getting other points in the book thrown back at me.
-I don't care if Prince Fielder weighs 600 lbs if he OPSes .900 the next 2-3 years he is here.
-Before we trade him...let's all try this on for size..."Ladies and Gentleman, the Brad Nelson era!"

Anonymous said...

The Mat Gamel Era.

AP said...

So....we're all agreed that Mike Hunt is a complete idiot then yes?

brad said...

Woz - you never bring up the possibility of Prince's numbers declining next year like they did in 08. I sure hope not, but it's a possibility.

garica said...

luckily brad nelson has a trim figure like TG Jr.

I too second the matt gamel era... and it begins opening day!! Right Charlie?

Because that's what I said... I said Mat Gamel would make the jump from AA to the bigs this year and play a foreign position... I clearly remember saying that!

graf said...

well said woz. there is no reason you "have" to trade prince right now. whats wrong with having two dynamic hitters hitting 3 and 4? princes numbers did decline, but thats cause he was pitched differently this year. he'll figure that out. can't give up on the kid yet.

Charlie Marlow said...

Mat Gamel era? What is it with you folks who think the Brewers are going to take a guy who played 3B in AA and start him at 1B in MLB in 2009? For fuck's sake, people, he's not even playing in fall/winter ball right now, how the hell is he going to jump 2 levels and start at a new position?

Jesus Christ. Just because the Brewers like to have 8 utility players on the field at all times doesn't mean you fucking move every prospect around to where some other homer fan decides he should play.



Anonymous said...

So I'm just an idiot, homer fan? Fuck you.

He can barely play 3rd, but has an excellent bat. What does that sound like to you? Well, to me, it sounds like a 1st baseman or a corner outfielder.

For 2009? No, probably not. Eventually? Yes.

But please, look down your nose at me some more, oh wise one. I promise to never question your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Like I care about Prince Fielder's size,as long as he continues to mash!!!!!