Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polar Bear update

So I'm sure a good percentage of Hackers out there have heard the story of Zero, one of Milwaukee's beloved polar bears that dropped down into the moat of his permanent residence at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

He's been down there for a couple days now...and appears to be in no big rush climbing himself out. The Zookeepers are scared to tranquilize him and move him themselves...pussies.

Anyway, the JS wanted to know ideas for getting him out of there. in my mind, here's the best idea:

Send #4 down to explain that if he doesn't want to come back to his own habitat, he should demand a release so he can go to the habitat of his choice. #4 can also explain the Zero should put himself above the zoo and go to the media to complain that he doesn't get along with the zoo staff, and they've wanted him to leave for quite some time. Zero will either get annoyed and walk back up or vommit.

- AR, Green Bay


highplaya said...

I was hoping for a Brian Butch update.

highplaya said...

I do know he likes eating at Pedro's with what I assume is his basic looking girlfriend.

Matt said...

That's what I was hoping for too.

Although I think Highplaya just gave us the update that we needed.