Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peavy Trade Talk

Buster Olney speculates on the potential suitors for Jake Peavy, who is said to be available from San Diego.

Olney says that Peavy prefers the National League, and he lists the Braves, Dodgers, Cardinals, Astros and Brewers as potential fits for a Peavy trade.

However, he then goes on to say that the Padres are looking for two starting pitchers and a centerfielder in return for Peavy.

I don't think the Brewers match up that well if that is true. Fun to think about, though.


brad said...

Because of the $$, I like Peavy more than CC. Who would you rather have:

Peavy for 4 years, $60 million or

CC for approx 6 years, $125 million?

Then again, it's not my money.

Todd said...

I think we may be overlooking the fact that the city of San Diego, Padres organization and Mission Beach ya know (sung like Brandtson) masturbates to guys with the last name Gwynn. Advantage, Crew.

woziszeus said...

Do we consider Yo & Parra untouchable here? Yo definitely...Parra maybe.

Villanueva, Bush, Gwynn:
Villanueva, McClung, Gwynn:
Villanueva, Suppan (maybe we'd pick up a portion of the salary to make the numbers work), Gwynn:

Here's probably the only one they'd consider:
Villanueva, Parra, Gwynn.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. Right Matt...definitely fun to think about.

ArmChairGM said...

The Brewers dont have the arms to pull this off, not with teams like the Dodgers and Yanks possibly willing to throw in guys like Billingsly and Hughes, respectively. I would to have Peavy but recent trades and lack of pitching prospects make it almost impossible.