Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pathetic In Pullman

Train - the biggest Badger homer I know - has already called this season a loss. The rest is meaningless. To brighten his spirits, he started handing out UW hoops schedules around the office. Hey...cheer up Bucky fans, you could be a Washington State die-hard. Where's Ryan Leaf when you need him? Or at least Timm Rosenbach? From a CNNSI mailbag:

Is there any other team in the nation that is having a worse year than the Washington State Cougars? First they lose nine scholarships due to academic failings that happened under the old regime, they bring in a new coach from the I-AA ranks who looks to be in way over his head, they lose starting QB Gary Rodgers to a career-ending spinal injury and in the same game lose back-up QB Kevin Lopina for a significant amount of time. An open try-out was then held to add another QB to the roster. Now comes news that the current starter, redshirt freshman Marshall Lobbestael, will miss the remainder of the season due to tearing both his ACL and MCL this past week against Oregon State, which leaves another redshirt freshman to take his place with the walk-on as his backup. Aside from a win against I-AA Portland State, the Cougars haven't even been competitive, losing every game by at least 25 points. And to top it all off, just when it seems that things couldn't possibly get any worse, USC is coming to town this weekend. Ugh...-- Dan Smith, Richland, Wash.

Mandel: I don't have anything to add to that. My jaw drops just reading it.


Train said...

It's true..I have the vs. Augustana exhibition circled.

I'm not liking Bucky's chances this weekend either. Let's see how BB lives up to his mantra of "it's not what happens- it's how you react to it"

In-game coaching has been horrible up to this point. Both sides of the ball.

Charlie Marlow said...

Man, that's a rough ride, Washington State.