Friday, October 17, 2008

More valuable: Jack Z or Doug Melvin?

As I was just reading the paper over lunch an interesting idea/thought/possibility popped into my head that I thought might make a good discussion topic regarding both Doug M. and Jack Z.

Who is currently more valuable to the Milwaukee Brewers organization: Jack Z or Doug Melvin?

Both are highly doubt. Both are legitimate general managers (Doug has proved that by would have to assume Jack Z would be no slouch in the role). The "more valuable" question popped into my brain when I read and realized that Doug Melvin is only signed through 2009. Theories trickled next: "Is this part of Mark. A's long-term plan? Is he hoping Jack Z doesn't bolt for some chump team in the next year so he can let Melvin go and hand the reins to Jack?"

Here are some other thoughts/comments to consider as we open this up to forum:

-If Jack Z bolts for Seattle or some other team, we not only lose him...but I would imagine we'll lose at least half his staff as well. Not good for the crew.
-Being a general manager is exclusive club. There's only 32 of them. This is a highly speculative topic that is hard to quantify...but if Melvin goes, there goes his "connections" to with the other GM's. Don't forget...Doug's been the top man for like...13 years now (First with the Rangers). How much is politics a factor in this game?
-Both men are the same age (close enough). The chances of a heart attack are the same (relatively speaking). Let's put it this way. They would go 1 after each other if they were to be picked in my Celebrity Death League.
-The Brewers have finally come to grips with current baseball economics (them being a mid-market team) and realized that solid draft selection year by year is the way to maintain overall decency in the sport. That...along with occasional plug ins by veterans either by late-season acquisitions or free agent pickups is the key to long-term success. This type of style favors Jack Z.
-Doug Melvin is Canadian. I can't find anything to say he I'm guessing Jack Z is not. It's always good to have a few Canadians around.

What do you guys think? No doubt both guys are valuable. But as I write this and think about it more and more...perhaps the question becomes: Who is more expendable? If that is the question...I would have to say that Doug Melvin is more expendable of the two.


Not so anonymous Jake said...

I would have to agree that Melvin is more expendable. Big Z has found the majority of the talent on this team. And if you look at Melvin's transactions as a whole, they are not that impressive. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Wrigleyville said...

wait, i thought his name was bob melvin?

AP said...

I like Jack Z. a lot. I think that Melvin probably has the harder job, so he's more valuable. It's very true that Jack Z. got most of our talent, but he also usually had the luxury of having very high picks; he'd better find talent. At the end of the day, if the team underperforms, it's Melvin who has to answer for it much more than Jack. I like both guys though.

Theron Schultz said...

Zduriencik was born in Pennsylvania and has roots around Pittsburgh, which is why he was mentioned as a candidate for the Pirates job.

I think if Zduriencik's leaving meant the entire scouting staff went with him, then he'd be less expendable than Melvin. If it's just Zduriencik that goes, however, you've still got the pieces in place to find good players.