Monday, October 13, 2008

Goldy's Random Takes

  • That was the worst Wisconsin football game I have ever been to. Worse than losses to future MAC teams in the '80's. Looks like my Saturdays are freed up.

  • I thought Evridge was going to be a good QB at UW. I wanted him to start over Donnovan last season. However, in the few times he had to come in the games last year, he looked brutal. Wasn't completely sold on him coming in to this season, but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It now appears that he was only starting because the Badgers have nothing in reserve. Hold on to Curt Phillips' red-shirt and watch him start next season.

  • If someone ever offers you a Sparks, politely decline.

  • College chicks definitely look and act much more whoreish than they did when I was in Madison.

  • That Packers win was great and all, but the Seahawks were just plain brutal. The Packers did what they needed to do to win the game. The rushing game was not great and they were not exceptional stopping the run even though they knew it was coming. It could be a rough game this week.

  • I think Grant averaged less than 3 yards per carry. Erg. Thankfully Rodgers looked good on 3rd downs.
  • The blitz pick up Wynn had on the bomb to Jennings was outstanding. Wasn't the best block in the world, but he did his job to give Rodgers that extra half second to get rid of the ball. Those are the kinds of things you have to do to stay on an NFL roster.

  • Rodgers has looked good through 6 games. I think he holds on to the ball a bit too long, but I like what he has shown with the shoulder. He is obviously hurting, but there are no legit back ups and he has to go out there and gut it out. You can tell there is something wrong when he is grounding multiple passes downfield about 7 yards in front of his target.

  • The blocked punt to end the Cowboys-Cardinals game was comical. No wonder the Cowboys were flagged for a man down field. They didn't block anyone.

  • The Cowboys are looking at 4 weeks of Brad Johnson. Sounds bad if you are a Cowboys fan, but I imagine 4 weeks of Brad Johnson would sound great if you were a Vikings fan.

  • 80's looking Flashdance shirts with neck openings large enough that they fall off chicks shoulders appears to be all the rage these days. erg.

  • The ending of the Bears game was crazy. That would be a tremendous kick to the nuts.

  • I did not know that David Price was up in the Majors. Looked good in extra innings for the Rays on Saturday.

  • I know its the preseason and it doesn't matter and the NBA recognizes that by playing a Suns-Nuggets game outdoors, but the fact the Bucks are continually getting killed is alarming. Maybe they can work things out in China.

  • The iPhone commercial showing Braun's Grand Slam against the Pirates is cool.

  • Blue label Chimay is outstanding.

  • The guy who ran the register at Ian's Pizza on Saturday night was wearing an old Shawn Kemp Sonics jersey. I asked how many free slices I could get if I provided him with a Golden State Chris Mullin jersey. It was not enough for me to part with that treasure.

  • Finally, I want to thank all of you who stopped by Chuckie Hacks during the Brewers' season. It was a great season and I enjoyed reading all of the comments that you guys (And 3 girls) left. While we gear up for the run to the World Series next season, stick around while we discuss the Brewers off-season moves, the ups and downs of this Packer season, seeing if the Badgers season can get any lower, watch the Bucks make a run for the #1 draft pick, see if the Badgers hoopsters can make another solid run through the Big Ten this year, and hopefully, minimal Marquette talk. Also, remember, we are the official blog of the Milwaukee Wave.


brad said...

Great to see Rick Rickert back on Hacks!

Charlie Marlow said...

I was also downtown for the game. I actually turned down some tickets and I'm glad I did.

I concur about whoreish girls. Has it only been 5 years?

Stupid flashdance shirts.

The timing on Bret Bielema's commercial (I think its chevy or something) about being the youngest Div I coach and then the winningest in his first season is ill.

Thanks for the commentary this season. I'll be around during the offseason to offer off the wall insights. But what the hell.

Speaking of, does anyone really like the NBA? I friggin' hate it.

At least Bo Ryan has a chance to redeem Wisconsin athletics this season. Bret B.--you've got some work to do.

greatone said...

The best quote I heard was that Brett B must be going out dinner with Ned Yost.

Matt said...

I have two terrible UW football memories. Both from 1995.

UW-Colorado. I remember chanting "overrated" on the way into the stadium. I don't remember the final score, but it was ugly, and yes, Wisconsin was overrated.

UW-Illinois. I think this game ended in a 3-3 tie. Pretty sure Simeon Rice (or was it Hardy?) nearly killed Darrel Bevell. We did get a sneak preview of what was to come in the Mike Samuel era. Not pretty.

I think that Penn St. game would be in the running for worst game ever if I had been there. Thankfully, I wasn't.

Charlie Marlow said...

I am Paul Chryst and I have a great idea. When my offense gets down inside the 6 yard line, and I have P.J. Hill, John Clay, and Zach Brown, I'm going to call a pass play. That way, this QB who hasn't proven to be all that great can cough the ball up. And then our defense can choke. And then we can lose our first two Big 10 games, and carry our garbage momentum into the Penn State game and get absolutely caned.


marshalledwards said...

At least when UW lost by 40+ points to Miami in 1989, we got to chant "we scored first."

When does hoops start? Can't be soon enough!!!

Anonymous said...

i used to work for the wave can i be a guest columnist...haha. but really i did.

- sanchez