Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going On Record

You guys know me...I have to go on record...because when I write something, it happens. I'm infallible. Never wrong. When I say happens. Like this. Basically, I'm the complete opposite of Brad.

I know nobody likes the Brewers chances in this series. Hell, nobody is giving them a chance. They did get destroyed by Philly a few weeks ago.

Here's a good piece written by Tim K previewing the series. He asks some good questions and has a lot of stuff to keep in the back of your mind as you're watching the games. I'll add a few more.

-I know the Phillies have owned the Brewers this year...but you know what? This team is different. No Ned Yost. No Rickie Weeks leading off. We have Yo going in game 1 hopefully for 5 strong. The Phils haven't seen him this year. We've got the Kool Aid man potentially going twice. They haven't seen him either.
-Pat Burrell could potentially be injured. Even if he plays, how effective will he be?
-I am assuming Dave Bush is going game 3, and Suppan game 4. Both these games will be played (hopefully) at Miller Park. Check out Bush's & Suppan's home & away splits. Both are significantly better at Miller Park (particularly Bush...Suppan's isn't impressive...yet still serviceable).

Here's what I see happening. The Brewers are taking game 2 with CC going. At this point, there's just a certain level of confidence with him on the mound. I also think we're going to win 1 of 2 at home with Suppan & Bush going. The wild card here is Yo going in game 1. It's a cliche to talk about the importance of game 1, but if Yo takes care of business tonight and the Brewers jump out early, leaving Philadelphia with a 2-0 lead is all of a sudden very conceivable...and the Crew just has to take 1 of 2 at home to win in 4 games. And you know what? If Bush & Suppan blow up at home, the Big Fella is bringing it back in game 5.

I'm feeling it. I'm feeling Yo going 6 strong tonight, and I'm feeling an early homer to get up 3 in the first couple innings.

Am I a homer? Maybe. Cocky? Perhaps. A stud with the ladies? Obviously. But that's why I can go out on a limb against what appears to be everybody else and make this prediction:

Brewers in 4.



Anonymous said...

"I actually consider the bullpen to be the main strength"


Been Cobra'd said...

I like it and couldn't agree more. If the crew can field cleanly in this series and can get a few runs on the board I like our chances. I want to say the Crew in 4 but that wouldn't be Brewers baseball in 08. So I'm going with Brewers in 5. I love our chances today! On record Billy will get a big at bat today.

Cube life is hard this morning in anticipation! Going to leave work a little early head to Bernies meats in PW and get the grill going early so the meat is ready come game time! Don’t forget to drink your Robinade. Willis and I will be settling in for a little Brewers baseball in October! LOVE IT

ClownShipLollypop said...

This team is on a huge high right now. Nothing is stopping this train. Brewers in 4.

Also, is it just me or does Ryan Howard's nose look EXACTLY like a pigs? Oink Oink, you're about to get slaughtered.

Mmmmm, Bacon.

Anonymous Adam said...

Please do not let Ryan Howard beat us!!! Pitch around him, hit his fat ass in the head, just don't let him kill us single handidly in this series. I could take losing but I couldn't take that

Matt said...

I assume The Glue would replace Burrell if he can't go.

Do we really want that?

AP said...

Matt-I want that, yes.

Shouse-1st AB = 1 out
Stetter- 2nd AB = 1 out
Hell, Parra- 3rd AB = 1 out

Jenkins final line, 0-3, 3K's, BB.

Wizzyconsin said...

Thank God for slingbox. If you dont know what it is, you need to check it out. Ive got the game streaming live from my home tv right to my office computer.

ClownShipLollypop said...

A guy at work is using a slingbox to stream to his PSP... Nice.

Lance's Other Nut said...

I am leaving work at 1 to watch at a bar...Miller Lite in the afternoon drowns out the clowns making dumbass comments.