Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Glue

Although I don't really want the Phillies to win the World Series, I have to say that I'm happy for the Glue. He finally made the playoffs, and now he finally contributed in the playoffs, doubling and then scoring the go-ahead (and potentially Series winning) run for Philly.

We'll see if it holds up.


Negative. Rocco Baldelli steals the Glue's thunder with a solo dinger to tie the game again. So sad.


Phils win - part of me was waiting for Lidge to become Bad Lidge and blow 3 straight saves to lose the Series, but Eric Hinske got in the way. What a pathetic at-bat to end the year for the Rays. Good for the Glue - he finally got his ring after so many close calls.

I guess it's something to lose in the playoffs to the team that won the World Series. That's 2 straight playoff appearances that this has happened to the Brewers. I think that qualifies as a trend.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a trend. Says Tim McCarver: "you know when you lose to the team that wins the World Series, that means that the team you lose to ends up going all the way and winning the World Series."

Very happy for the Glue. Kind of like when Big Dog won a ring with the Spurs at the end of his career. Didn't do much to deserve it the year they won it, but both guys put up with a lot of awful teams here and so I'm happy they got one before they're done playing.

Ned Yost said...

Ummm, when did we trade Jenks?
ummm, are we still in this thing?
ummm, Is CC. available for bullpen work?
Ummm, where am I?

Goldy said...

End of the Series means it's Macha Time!

Anonymous said...

Good for the Glue - he finally got his ring after so many close calls.

Matt please explain what close is, like never playing in the playoffs?

Woz how do you feel about your boy having a nice rock

Matt said...

I was being sarcastic.

garcia said...

also, CC offer time