Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From The Inbox

Avid reader Plesac's A Traitor passed along this link. The Hardball Times says Ben Sheets will get about $55 and $65 million! That's a lot of Benjamin's. Will the investing GM be disappointed, or rewarded? An interesting question.

Thanks, Plesac


Anonymous said...

$12-14 million per year for a career .500 pitcher (when he's healthy)???

that's a big, big risk.

woziszeus said...

Career .500 pitcher...sigh.

Please don't quote win totals. Worst stat of all time.

Check out his 2004 season. Absolutely SICK numbers. And he went 12-14. Do you think he was a below average pitcher that year?

Pitchers are a big risk in general. But a pitcher of Sheets' caliber deserves that sort of bread.

greatone said...

anonymous are you the one that owes me 2 free hours of drinks when he gets over 10 million a year?

Charlie Marlow said...

So...he's going to get paid. But by who?

Its a shame that he won't be back in Milwaukee. I was definitely hard on him at the end of this season, but he's a very good pitcher.

And when we can't sign CC, and Ben walks, and we've got Gallardo, Parra, Bush, Suppan, John Capuano? does THAT feel?

Not so anonymous Jake said...

True Sheets numbers were good in 2004, but he hasn't really been close to replicating that year since (08 was close, but he was not nearly as dominant). 2004 was also the last full year Ben Sheets put in on the mound. He is a huge liability with his injuries and you can't count on him to be available for the big game. His win loss totals are partially because he was on bad teams, but also partially because the Brewers were using 8 batters in each game he pitched. Sheets has to be the most incompetent hitter to ever step into a major league batter box, worse than Randy Johnson even. A monkey had a better chance to come up with a hit or bunt. All that being said Sheets should still get a big paycheck, but its only gonna come from a crazy GM that has the luxury of deep pockets that can absorb a high price mistake. I can't stand the Yankees so nothing would be funnier than to see him turn into Carl Pavano Jr in the Bronx.