Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday afternoon enjoyment!

If this doesn't get you to tilt your head and go WTF? then I don't know what will.

Here was one of the little money saving provisions that was added to the MASSIVE corporate bailout signed into law this afternoon:

Exempting wooden practice arrows used by children from an excise tax of 39 cents per arrow. Oregon's two senators and two Wisconsin representatives previously introduced legislation calling for the action, saying the tax was meant for more expensive archery arrows and is untenable for makers of toy arrows that may cost only about 30 cents apiece. The bill would affect about a half-dozen manufacturers nationwide, including one in Oregon; the Oregon senators said they didn't seek its addition to the bailout, however. Cost: $2 million.

In related news, Goldy will be stopping at Toys R Us on the ride home from work demanding back $3.90 from the 10 arrows he bought last week. Ship him the $3.90

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