Monday, October 27, 2008

Cameron, CC a Package Deal?

MLB Trade Rumors (one of my favorite sites on the web) has posted a, well not a trade rumor, but a rumor about the Brewers offering CC 4 years and $100 million to continue to slay Pirates at Miller Park.

This comes from an Atlanta writer (naturally):

The figure I’m hearing that Milwaukee might offer C.C. $100 million for four years. They’re hoping that by going with fewer years and more per year, they can keep him. He’s indicated to friends a serious interest in staying there, he liked it so much. The Brewers might help their chances of signing him if they pick up the option on Mike Cameron, who’s a good friend of CC’s.

This is certainly 2 years fewer than he's looking for, but the average $$ per year is probably a little more than he'd realistically get in a 6-year deal from most clubs. Except that the Yankees could give him $150 million over 6 years - why not? The question is does he want to play for the Yankees?

Look, picking up the option on Cameron is a good move, regardless of whether CC likes him or not. But that definitely helps. Can the Brewers even trade Prince if CC re-signs?

I'm still putting the re-signing of CC in the "not terribly likely" category, because at the end of the day I don't think the player can walk away from a couple of more years and $40-$50 million. But at least it seems like the team is going to give it a shot.


Charlie Marlow said...

Hard to say.

With that, and the 'fixes' that I personally think are necessary, the payroll will be much higher. $95M with CC and Cameron...then you need bullpen help, either a platoon mate for Hall at 3B or an everyday guy there, and a real 2B.

And before we talk about Escobar starting at SS, he's having a terrible WL currently. Though Hernan Irribarren and [gasp] Tony K. Gwynn are having pretty good seasons there. Oh...and...Brad Nelson. Prince?

Charlie Marlow said...

**bye Prince

I hate typos and no edit feature.

AP said...

I would agree with the notion that keeping CC is in the "not likely" catagory. Realistically, it's got to be less than a 50/50 shot at keeping him; probably much less so I don't want to get my hopes up.

The problem is: I've heard people talk about trades and rumors and stuff like that and they always say, "where there's smoke there's fire" regarding the speculation. It seems like once a week you hear a story about how much CC enjoyed his time in Milwaukee and wants to stay or that Mark A and Melvin really want to make a push to keep him. Either his agent is doing a bang up job (most likely) or there is a little bit of truth to that. I'll probably be pretty disappointed when he goes elsewhere, even though there was no chance he'd sign here to all along.

Keith Ginter said...

Signing CC to that deal would mean we would need to make the playoffs every year of the deal, otherwise its money that needs to go to total team improvement.

We have a nice widow over the next few years to make some more noise. But, 4 straight years of playoffs, probably won't happen.

We cant pay a man 25 mil just to be competitive.
15-18 mil to be competitive
the rest is for playoff berths and victories.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Bye bye Fatty McTurd Pants.

I really wouldn't put to much stock into Winter League stats. No Neck Nelson has only had 14 at bats.

Escobar will rake in spring, I give it the Clown Guarantee.