Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where will you be watching?

Mr. Been Cobra'd brought up the following question to the Hackers earlier today: Where will you be watching the playoff games?

Mr. BC said, "After careful deliberation I have concluded although fun to share the excitement of Brewer playoffs with 100+ strangers in a bar there are too many variables that can go wrong. I need a controllable atmosphere."

I completely agree with this. You know that there will be a lot of people out at bars looking to watch these games as another excuse to get drunk and they will have minimum baseball knowledge. These are the same people who think every fly ball is going to be a home run. These games are just too important for me to have to deal with outside distractions. I just want to watch the game with a few buddies and have some beers.

When I lived in Kansas City, I had to hit up the bars to watch most Badger and Packers games. The number of morons you have to put up with while doing this is unbelievable. Usually its people yelling out such exciting things as "Tackle him!" Throw it!" and "Run!". The best was the one lady who told me she was a huge Badger Fan and then proceeded to ask me if it was a conference game while we were playing UNLV. Yah, not good times.

So, outside of Game 4 which I will be watching with 43,000 other people, I plan on watching the games in a nice quiet location. What are your plans?


Anonymous said...

Watching? Some of your readers will be working. I will listening to Bob while sitting at my desk. Go BREW CREW!

Todd said...

Game one wherever i can get to without much fuss, game two my apartment DT and game three we'll be at, with an inflatable Twister mat, beer pong, bags and foam guns. I've been mentally preparing for this Saturday since the day I first tasted the fine nector of brewed barley and hops.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Listening to game one at work. Probably watching the rest from home, but I hear there is this new HD thing? I was thinking about checking that out at a bar.

woziszeus said...

Game 1 with the old man.
Game 2 with the buddies.
Game 3 at the Stadium with 100,000 crazy folk in the parking lot.

Seriously, who is working tomorrow? TAKE OFF.

Wizzyconsin said...

I found a plane ticket for this weekend for 350$ to fly me back to milwaukee from San Diego for game three this weekend. But once the brewers make it past the Phils, Ill be at PB Bar and Grill in San Diego. Its a Wisconsin bar that even flys cheese curds in for any Wisconsin sports team is playing.

Goldy said...

Wizzyconsin, that is commitment! Good Stuff. In terms of work, I'll be working late tonight to get stuff done and taking time off tomorrow afternoon. I wouldn't be gettign anything done at work while the game is going on, so might as well take PTO and watch it.

thecobra said...

Since I could convince the office to shut down, I am taking off.

AP said...

Game 1: 1/3 on the internet at work, 1/3 while driving home, the final few innings at home.

Game 2: McGinn's

Game 3: Supposed to go to the Badger game this weekend. Probably watch a little at some bar and bring a small radio into the game. Sports overload.

Game 4: Section 424 row 1 with 9 friends. If they get swept and I don't get to go to a playoff game I will most likely go on a rampage and watch the NLCS from a jail cell.

stargirlmol said...

i will be taking a half day, going to the house of my friend with the biggest tv, and pulling out all my season long superstitions that have worked so well (or not worked at all) all year.
which includes: wearing my gabe kapler shirt, taking shots from my stosh sausage shot glass, and the latest...taking rickie weeks off of my Brewers magnet set board and throwing him across the room when he does something idiotic.

Krey said...


Check out the Aussie Pub in Pacific Beach, its a wis bar that they show all of the Badger and Pack games at (and I'm assuming Brew Crew), unless they've changed the name and that is the PB bar you are referring too.

Anonymous said...

Self-employed, so I'll be watching on the big screen at home.

"These are the same people who think every fly ball is going to be a home run."

Why would Cubs fans be at a bar watching the Brewers game?

Been Cobra'd / Nubs said...

Stargirlmol, if you are a girl I think you may just have unknowingly became a stalker victim of half the guys on this blog. Good luck with that, but I like the response.

AP- you can never go wrong with McGinns. I think we have had this conversation before, great bar for a day drunk. Dobbie will have that place rock’n.

As for me, game 1- half day that is why I will be at the office LATE tonight. Then off to my house for some HD viewing of the crew with meat on the grill, miller high lifes and Willis. A few Chuckie loyal readers will be joining me.

Game 2- When we win game 1 – Repeat same steps, If we lose changing up the karma and going across the street to watch on neighbor Mike’s TV.


Game 4- if necessary, sadly I will be on the road but will be listening on the radio. (Don’t ask, not thrilled with this, lady friend obligations)

Game 5- what ever worked best in game 1 & 2. not superstitious at all. Really I swear.


AP said...

Cobra'd-90% of the time when I walk in that place at about 4 PM every Thursday, Dobbie is completely shitfaced. It's hilarious. Big fan of bars that have about a 1 to 1 ratio of giant HD TV's to patrons.

ClownShipLollypop said...


Rich said...

1 - Leaving work early and watching it on 56" inches of pure glory at my house.

2 - Probably again at my house. May have a few select people over to join in the excitement.

3&4 - I'll be there.

5 - In the comfort of my home again. A game 5 is far too important to risk going elsewhere. The Brewers would be on the road, I don't need to complicate matters any more by going on the road as well.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Listening at work. Sadly.