Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well, that makes up for a shitty sports weekend

At 3:15 PM, what was shaping up to be the worst sports weekend in my life took the greatest turn it could have ever taken. Who ever said Ryan Braun is not clutch? I have been hanging on every pitch since Thursday. The 80 year old guy standing next to me in the right field corner was crying after Braun's slam on Thursday. On Friday I got to enjoy the victory and Weeks HR with some of my best friends. Then came Saturday. The Mets win, the Brewers look relatively lifeless against the Cubs JV squad, and the Badgers loss was one of the most vomitious (that should be a word) second half collapses I have ever seen. Today, I stopped watching the Packers at halftime. Was flipping between the Brewers and the Mets game on TBS. I thought of leaving to go hit some golf balls because I was way too worked up. When Beltran hit that homer, my stomach sank. Then one of the most despised Brewers of all time, Wes Helms, puts the Marlins up. Then Braun became the man. I didn't know what to do. I jumped up ran around the house, ran out side and started throwing the dogs toys up in the air. They were excited since I was running around yelling like a goof, it ave them permission to run around and bark like goofballs. They were belting out the best barks a Lab and a Lab mix could give. CC tempted fate by wearing a Wild Card hat immediately after the game, but the Marlins are our friends.
Finally, I would like to point out that Corey Hart is a complete loser. That AB in the 7th was just poop.
Finally, Finally, I just wish my Dad was still alive so I could celebrate with him. I was too young in 82 to experience playoff baseball with him. I remember sitting on his lap and watching the games, but I don't remember what happened. The love of baseball we both had is what allowed us to bond so well. For those of you who have kids, enjoy this experience. Who knows, it could be 26 years until it happens again. Lets hope not!
Anyhow, Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! And I'll see you at Game 3 on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Just got back from the game. WOW.

I was at the snow bowl Packers game in January, but this was a close second.

We'll never have to wear those retro uniforms again.

CC can leave now. He's done enough.

ClownShipLollypop said...

HOLY SHIT. I just cried.


Those who constantly rip on Craig Counsell can go staight to fucking themselves. As Corey Hart takes another giant shit at the plate, Counsell came through AGAIN.

At this point I'm pretty sure I could rifle one of my 38 MPH fastballs right past Corey Hart. What an amazing display of garbage.

Matt said...

My experience was a lot like Goldy's. I thought Durham had hit a home run in the 8th. Nope. Fail.

Then, I jumped to the ceiling when Braun hit that ball off of Howry, because I knew it was gone. When Braun hits a ball like that, the only question is how far up into the bleachers will it land.

Finally, I ran around the house like a little girl when Lee grounded into the double play to end it. My 9-month-old son looked at me funny. I told him to take a mental picture because it might be at least a quarter century until it happens again. Not sure if the message got through.

Thank you, Florida.

Bob Cooper said...

Bravo Brewers!!! Great pitching by CC. Great effort by Counsell. Great HR by Braun.

Thank you Marlins. Let's go to Philly & kick some ass!!!!!