Thursday, September 4, 2008

Those Pesky Astros

Good times down in Houston! The Astros have won 8 straight. Are they really 8 games over .500 and only 6.5 back in the wild card? Good for them.

Crawfish boxes are excited...even though they wrote the Astros off for dead after they were in Milwaukee. Gotta love this little nugget written:

While the Brewers seem to be imploding slightly...

Ahh yes...the Brewers are imploding. They're done. 3 game losing streaks are killers in a MLB regular season.

Call me cocky, but I like our chances in this little 4 game set we have with the Padres. It will be one of those "going about your business" series where we take 3 of 4. And all will be right in the world of the wild card again.

Just for's an updated Postseason Odds Report:
Brewers - 92.24%
Astors - .83%

So...the cork is still on the champaign bottle...but I'm getting ready to pop that sucker.


Anonymous said...

If we're imploding losing 3 in a row, the Cubs are in trouble losing 5.

Goldy said...

I have seen stranger things happen, but the Astros have to hope the Brewers, Phillies and Cards all go in the tank for them to have a chance.

marshalledwards said...

stranger things happened just last year, with the Mets/Phils and Rockies/Padres -- could that happen in back to back years? unlikely, but with Ned Yost at the helm, no lead is too safe.

AP said...

At some point, Wigginton & Blum are going to remember that they are not nearly as good as Carlos Lee, and that .83 will approach 0 rather quickly.

Matt said...

The Astros have a steady diet of the Pirates for the rest of the year.

So they have that going for them.