Monday, September 29, 2008

So, Who Makes the 25-man Roster?

Sure things for the position players

  1. Kendall
  2. Rivera
  3. Fielder
  4. Durham
  5. Weeks
  6. Hardy
  7. Counsell
  8. Hall
  9. Hart (vomit)
  10. Cameron
  11. Braun

Sure thing for pitchers:

  1. Sabathia
  2. Suppan
  3. Gallardo
  4. Bush
  5. McClung
  6. Shouse
  7. Gagne
  8. Mota
  9. Torres

So, that gives us 5 spots to play with. Lets say they go with a 12 man pitching staff. Is it possible to dress Todd Coffey in Ben Sheets' jersey?

  1. Villanueva - I think he is a near lock.
  2. Stetter - Need that second lefty
  3. Parra - I am going with him over DiFelice only because you don't want to ruin the confidence of a young lefty starter who will play a big role with this team over the coming years.
  4. Gwynn - Ugh, it stinks that Kapler is out. He would be huge in the back up outfielder role. It at least would let Hart sit a bit. Gwynn can at least pinch run.
  5. Dillon - I would like to have Branyan here because you need that guy on your bench that you can send up if you need a homer. However, It sounds like Branyan is not healthy enough to play in the field. I don't know if you can limit your roster lie that in the playoffs.

That's my take.


alan said...

I think someone can replace Riske on the roster, so that would be either Stetter or Coffey, I don't think you can take both (unless you can get an exemption due to Sheets' injury).

Goldy said...

My take was that since Stetter was on the 40-man on Aug 31, he could replace an injured player, but since Coffey wasn't, he is not eligible to be on the playoff roster. I am not completely clear on this.

AP said...

Coffey was added after the deadline so I don't think he's eligible for any reason; I think the same goes for Lamb.

Could you please also put the (vomit) next to Joe Dillon?

DeFelice could come in handy too as he's essentially a RH equivalent to Shouse. I'd rather have him over Dillon.

woziszeus said...

Ummmm...Carlos isn't a lock?

Coffey isn't available.

I think Defilice is in...and then it will come down to between Parra & Stetter...with Stetter probably being the odd man out.

After Joe Dillon please. He's worthless. Seriously.

Anonymous Adam said...

I would not be surprise if Vinny makes it over Dillon. What about the staff, I would guess it goes Bush, CC, Suppan, Gallardo or Bush, CC

garcia said...

Don't they make the 25 man roster on September 1st or august 31st?
the roster is already set I believe

Anonymous said...

Derrick Turnbow

Matt said...

It looks like we're all a little rusty when it comes to our knowledge of the playoff roster rules.

Ned Yost said...

Will Jenksy be on the Phil's roster?