Thursday, September 18, 2008

Road Trip - Miller Park South

I was invited to attend the Brewers - Cubs game last night in Wrigley Field. It occurred to me...that i haven't done a running diary of sorts in almost a year (back on my old site). So, with that in mind, and realizing that this could have some serious potential, I took notes the entire trip to and back from Wrigley. Before we get to that, here is a prologue to my current mental state before said trip:
On Monday, I arrive at my office and sit down at my desk. It is then I discover a sewer-like odor. Looking around for the culprit, I eventually realize it is myself. shirt that is. I've been warned before about leaving clothes in the washer after it's done for too long. I learned that the hard way Monday. I stunk like salty bananas. I couldn't go home to change my I basically avoided people all day and hung out in my own stench.
On Tuesday, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at work due to stress. I've been known to take things a little too much to heart. I actually had to take a 10 minute walk to calm down. I was able to calm down a little after work by reading the works of this guy...but watching the Brewer game eventually led to more sorrow.
So you can see...if the Brewers don't win on Wednesday, I'm going to be in poor shape...on to the circus:
338 pm - I leave DT Milwaukee to head to the Chicago...or as I prefer to call it...the Sixth level of hell. I have a sub with me, a tin of chew, and several CD's. I'm hoping to get to where I was meeting the other guy I was with by 6.
430 pm - I see a sign close to the border that says 51 miles to Chicago. I think to myself..."Great! I'll be there in under an hour! (HA)"
436 pm - Stopped at a toll. There is a taxi in front of me. A question I pondered...if you are in a taxi, who pays for the toll? The driver or passenger?
438 pm - I hide no shame for my utter disdain of Illinois. When I crossed the border a few minutes back a shudder actually went down my spine, as I entered the unholy land. As I pass Six Flags, I see a sign that says, "Milwaukee Ave," and for a while I actually felt at ease remembering my cozy city. This feeling quickly evaporates however, when I realize that we're in a 45 mph zone...and there is nobody going below 78 mph. What a state.
541 pm - Deep in the stuck in traffic game. We pass Cicero Ave, and I couldn't help but wonder if this road was named after the Roman Senator/Orator/Coward. Cicero was known for deceit, cowardice, and a lack of fortitude. I decide I like using those words to describe Illinois and it's inhabitants.
615pm - Arive at the parking lot and hop on the El. Pull up to Wrigley. Cool shit.
630pm - Scene a lot different then Miller Park North. Guys are trying to pawn off shirts to me that say "Cubtober" and "Obama/Fukudome 08."
645pm - Inside the stadium. I go up to order beers (Old Style...are you kidding me?). As a 25 year old male, I anticipate no problems with this. I hand the vendor my ID. He says, "sorry sir, but I can't serve you." At first I thought he was joking with me because I'm from WI but that wasn't the case. My card was one of those cards I got 6 years ago that say "Under 21 until X." Apparently in IL, there is a statute that states NOBODY can be served beer with that sort of ID. Even if that ID is valid and not expired (like in my case). They seriously will not serve beer to people of age. Ladies and gentleman: Billups of the Week, the Illinois State Legislature!
646pm - Walking back disgusted, this female Cubs fan SCREAMS at me: "HEY...WHERE's NED YOST?" I shrug and say something like, "probably in his garden." She responds: "HE's PUNCHING SOME POLAR BEARS!" I look at her like she's an alien and walk away, dumbfounded.
720pm - 1st inning with Prince up with the bases juiced, I announce that I just want 2 runs to score...that's it. No more. When he rips his double, I go nuts and the crowd goes silent. I'm wearing my Fielder jersey. As I stand and clap, "I hear softly, "It's over for you...don't you understand."
758pm - In the 3rd inning I see Mark DeFelice in the game. I open my mouth...saying some choice words for Mr. Ben Sheets that revolved around lack of genitalia. I later find out he has some sort of arm injury...which relaxes me a little because at least that is legitimate. Anybody still think we should sign him again? Anybody? He's a lemon.
835pm - Rally chew. Soriano's up with a runner on 2nd with 2 outs. Let's go.
836pm - Nice try Soriano.
850pm - Kendall on 3rd with 1 out after getting a 3 second jump on a steal from first to second and then a passed ball on the same play. Brad Nelson (batting at the time) strikes fear into the souls of the Cubs' pitching staff with a solid walk.
852pm - Again, I just want 1 run. Just 1. Runners on 1st & 3rd 1 out. Just 1.
855pm - K bye. Brewers September in a nutshell. Still up 3-1 though.
918pm - Biggest sigh of relief I've had in a while. Braun, Fielder, Hardy, & Hart all get on base consecutively, with Hart actually getting a base hit again. I feel good. Relaxed.
930pm - OMG...Eric Gagne is coming into the game. I bow my head in agony. People around me are laughing hysterically. "You guys really don't want to win do you?" "Why are you putting him in? You don't want to make the Playoffs do you?" "I guess you guys want to play extra innings!"
935pm - Eric Gagne is the man.
944pm - Prince is up to his last at-bat. I think it's the 9th. People are calling him, "Skittles" and "Milky Way." A guy about 10 rows back yells, "SERIOUSLY, HIT HIM!" I chuckled.
1012pm - Ship the Victory. There will be no "Go Cubs Go" blasting on the damn speakers. I hate that song. It's eerily silent walking out of the stadium and I'm highfiving other Brewer fans. I point this out to the guy I was with (Cubs fan) several times just so he's aware.
1025pm - Stuck in a pool of Cubbie Blue waiting to get back on the EL. A fan tries to get a "8 games back" chant going. It doesn't start up.
1026pm - Still waiting. A guy a few people behind me says, "Seriously, they shouldn't even let the Brewers fans on. They are just a waste of space."

At that point, I called it quits with the notes. That comment is about as classy as it gets.

Excellent time. Spent about 5 combined hours driving last night...but it was worth it.


Ralph Wiggum said...

The taxi driver pays the toll, but then it gets added to your fare. Or at least that's how it's done in New York

Wrigleyville said...

and any other city that has tolls.

thecobra said...

I believe the words the vendor used were "I know you are over 21 but since your ID says Under 21 I can't serve you but if your buddy wants to buy I will let you carry it." What kind of assnine logic is that?

discdu said...

I feel your pain woz. Even better my cousin who is 21 couldn't even purchase a beer at all in the stadium. So I had to go to the stand to get both our beers all game.

Anonymous said...

Great game today, lol. Season = DEAD!

Wrigleyville said...

As for Go Cubs Go ...

it's a horrible song, but kinda fun as a Cubs fan. the chorus is fine, but the rest is a disaster.

i'm not sure why they don't just play Sweet Home Chicago.

Anonymous said...

"A guy a few people behind me says, "Seriously, they shouldn't even let the Brewers fans on. They are just a waste of space."

At that point, I called it quits with the notes. That comment is about as classy as it gets. "

About as classy as your earlier comment.

"Cicero was known for deceit, cowardice, and a lack of fortitude. I decide I like using those words to describe Illinois and it's inhabitants."

Stay in Milwaukee next time if we bother you that much.