Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh, the Minnesota Twins. They lose Johan, lose Torii, Liriano was out for %80 of the year, add nobody of significance in the off season and IMPROVE by 7 games (with a few more left)! Now that's a great organization.

Anybody notice who's residing in the AL Central basement? The Detroit Tigers. Oops, that didn't go as planned. How does Jayson Stark's "Braves over Tigers" World Series look right about now?

I wonder what Ned's doing right now? Sitting on his couch going: "Come one, Shousie, you can do it!"

What kind of national ratings would a Tampa Bay-Milwaukee World Series get? Baseball execs (sans Selig) are cringing at this possibility.

Badgers-Michigan spread: Bucky by 6.5. Wow, don't think Wisconsin's been favored in the Big House in my lifetime. I'll go Badgers 20, Michigan 12.

How did this happen?...Vandy 4-0, Duke 2-1, and Northwestern 4-0.

Vince Young is a few months away from becoming the next Bison Dele. Of course the whole "we cant find him" saga was crazy. But first, there was the game. There were reports of Jaguar defensive players offering Young words of encouragement during that game...because he looked so distraught. Now, it comes out they were encouraging him so he wouldn't leave the game because he sucks so bad...gave the Jags a better chance to win. Wow. And, Jeff Fisher never wanted to draft him in the first place. That rumored 6 on the wonderlic sounds more believable every day.

In all seriousness: Bucs kicker Matt Bryant lost his 3 month old a couple days ago. He passed in the middle of the night. If Bryant does play Sunday and gets a chance at a game winning FG to beat Green Bay - I hope he makes it.


woziszeus said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Matt Bryant's kid. Very sorry indeed.

I hope he misses it wide right.

Matt said...

For his sake, I hope Matt Bryant doesn't play this weekend.

I can't imagine many worse things than losing your 3-month-old kid like that. Tragic.

Anonymous said...

Hope he makes it.
As a Brewer fan even i'd have a hard time watching that World Series.

sleestak said...

Did anyone notice the adds Fox was running this past weekend about the NL playoffs?

They showed the Cubs, Phillies, Dodgers, and brewers, but no mention of the Mets. Has Bud put the fix in?