Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prediction Time

The Brewers face a guy making his major league debut tonight for the Mets.

This typically has been very bad for Brewers hitters, although it seems to have been a little less troublesome this year.

Any guesses on Mr. Niese's final pitching line tonight? He's a lefty, which helps a little (a lot, actually)

I'll go 6.2 innings, 3 ER, 7 Ks (Bill Hall is in the lineup, meaning the Brewers will have at least 3 Ks from him). Hope I'm wrong and he gets shelled.


woziszeus said...

Braun will probably only hit 1 home run against him...he doesn't want to hurt his feelings in his first big league start.

DannyNoonan said...

I'd love to see the data on how the Brewers really do against guys making their major league debut. Didn't we get homeruns from our first three hitters against a Reds guy making his major league debut last year? Or was that his second or third game?

Whatever. I'm guessing 3 innings, 7 ERs, 0 Ks.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

4 innings, 6 ER's, 3Ks.

You know Hall is good for at least 2Ks.

I don't think the Mets will let this guy die on the mound if he starts to struggle. They are in the hunt as well.

Matt said...

Yeah - if you're looking for "data" you're asking the wrong guy.

I usually stick to wild speculation and opinions formed as a result of incomplete information.

It works for me.

That being said, I'd love to see that data too.

AP said...

Not counting tonight, there have been 6 starts since the beginning of the 2003 season by guys making their MLB debut. Chin-hui Tsao, Zack Duke, Anthony Reyes, Paul Maholm, Boof "Teenwolf" Bonser, and Rick VandenHurk.

Combined stats:38.1 IP, 29 H, 10 R, 10 ER, 12 BB, 37 K, 4 HR, 1.07 WHIP, 2.35 ERA.

(Courtesy of theJay at brewcrewball)

garcia said...

The brewers are bums, prince fielder is a bum, ned yost is a bum, jim skaalen is a bum.

I absolutely hate Prince fielder, this 80 win team might make it to 81 someday but not with this shit for hitting and shit for managing.

Why, knowing Bill hall's struggles with righties, does he get to hit in the bottom of the tenth against a righty? Throw down counsell or gamel for goodness sake. Did anyone notice how the lefty that came in(he shall remain nameless) hammered the ball?

So much for the brewers taking advantage of a "bad bullpen."
Prince Fielder should sit the entire Padres series and B.N. should get all the work to show how a real left hand hitter should approach the plate. Hell, sit cameron and hart for kapler and gamel. I don't f-ing care. They have not hit all year and Yost has never changed their approach to being a small ball team when they needed to be. Yost is an asshole, prince is an asshole. I'm excited for the day those two are not on the team... i don't care what prince does from here on out, he is a piece of trash that can sign his life away in New York.

Part of me wishes the Crew doesn't make the playoffs just to prove my point about how worthless the coaching staff really is. I have gotten the feeling from day one that this team does not study opposing pitchers. They also obviously don't practice bunting and they obviously don't change their approach for anyone which makes them extremely predictable. They are going to get eaten alive in Philly and eaten alive by the Cubs if they don't change, and they won't, so bye-bye crew.

And a big F U to Yost and Prince. Get your egos out of this city.

This isn't just a rant after two bad losses...this has happened all year long!!

woziszeus said...

I understand your upset over two consecutive losses (!!!)...so I'll give you until noon today to admit maybe you overreacted with your bashing of a team that has the 6th best record in all of baseball.

garcia said...


No... They beat up on teams well under .500 in august to get where they are now. They have not beaten the good teams. This is the same stuff that has gone on all year... non-clutch hitting and poor management

D'Amico's one good year said...

I'm just happy that we can finally be angry about losses, instead of expecting them as we have for most of the last 15-16 years....

D'amico's one good year said...

Who is this Br*d N*ls*n?

I thought we just re-signed Burnitz after a stint at the buffet...