Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Making Friends In South Bend

Killed some free time by checking out the College Football Hall of Fame, in South Bend. That can only mean one thing...every worker is a Notre Dame fan. Thought I would entertain myself by asking a few questions.

1) It was the Friday before the Michigan game, so:
Me: "Who's gonna win tomorrow?"
HOF Worker (With ND hat on): Staring at me for about two minutes..."Who do you think?!?"
Me: "I don't know, they both blow."
HOF Worker: Head turning red....

2) They had big celebrations all weekend as Lou "Granny" Holtz was having his statue unveiled before the game. Because of that, the HOF had a bunch of guys there to sign autographs, including Rocket Ismail
Me: Turning to a different HOF worker: "You think he will sign my Toronto Argonauts helmet?"
HOF Worker: Once again, staring at me for about 3 minutes..."ONLY NOTRE DAME MEMORABILIA:"
Me: "Hee hee....OK Chief"

Ah, a little afternoon fun. It was a pretty cool museum. Highly recommended. The highlight was a big Brent Moss picture recapping the 1994 season. NCAA has to be proud of Brent Moss.


Anonymous said...

Moss was 94? Man I feel old.

woziszeus said...

Good work Chopper.

Been Cobra'd said...

I HATE notre dame

discdu said...

cobra lock it up! Irish BCS championship! I c it now.