Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Most Boring Game of the Year

I was at the game last night...and let me tell you...what a freaking snore.

First of all, the first two innings lasted 1 hour! 2nd, there was NOBODY at the ballpark. It felt like County Stadium in April of 1999. The paid attendance was around 30,000, but I would guess that at no point in time were there more then 25,000 people in the park. That number got significantly less as the game wore on.

As for Mr. Bill Hall? He should be ashamed of himself. I personally started two Bill Hall chants last night (at the request of basically my entire section who was begging for it) and the punk flew out weakly to center and struck out again like a little bitch. I'm DONE with Bill Hall. Done. It's over. He has officially dropped into my top 10 most despised Brewers of all time list.

Rickie Weeks? Oh...GARBAGE. Let me put it this way. You don't see many top 5 draft picks play 4 years in the Major Leagues while basically REGRESSING and still get the benefit of the doubt and play every day. HONESTLY, HOW IS RICKIE WEEKS EVEN STARTING ON THIS TEAM? The fans loathe him at Miller Park. Keep it up might drop into my top 10 list soon if you don't learn how to start a routine double play.

All in all, besides Durham's home run (which we all thought was a weak pop up off the bat), what a crappy game to watch live. I left after 9 innings and 3 hours and 45 minutes! That's enough for this guy.

SOMEHOW...we are still up 3 in the Wild Card. Like I wrote yesterday, it's not like we have to play ridiculous the rest of the way to get there. With 17 games left...10-7 the rest of the way.

We'll get a game thread going later today with CC on the mound...with him going...and I hate using these sorts of terms...this is a "must win" game.


AP said...

Good thing CC is pitching today. That should give us like a 30% chance of maybe winning one game from the Reds....maybe. Provided CC drives in all of the runs by himself and pitches a complete game shutout.

Start Durham. Start Counsell. Sit Weeks. Sit Hall.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

Counsell is absolute garbage at the plate, give Mike Lamb a start at third.

AP said...

Garbage at the plate would be a 200% upgrade over Hall. Sure, start Lamb also. Start Gamel at 3rd. Whatever. Just as long as Hall doesn't see more than 10 PA's VS a RHP for the rest of the year, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

According to Jim Powell, ricky is doing just fine...hell everybody is doing fine and Prince bitch slapping the starting pitchers is normal.

Joe Steve said...

Hall and Cameron looked absolutely lost at the plate last night...worse than usual. Not making excuses but the strike zone was a GD joke. Gagne struck out Bruce TWICE...seems like some umps really get a kick out of squeezing him. Must not be fans of the French.

garcia said...

I wrote this suggestion to a friend... what do you guys think?

since CC is pitching the crew will need no more than 3 or 4 runs (hopefully) to win. Since our Jackass starters blow, why don't we go this route to show the starters they are replaceable:

Left field Kapler, Center Gwynn, Right Field Gamel, third base Rottino or Lamb, short escobar, Second Durham, First Nelson, cather rivera!

It's just as good of a chance to win than these "No talent Ass-clowns"


Not so anonymous Jake said...

That thought crossed my mind as well today. It's so crazy it just might work! The Reds are beating us with minor leaguers at the moment.

garcia said...

Yost just has to put the names in the spots.


Just fill in the blanks Yost...

If he keeps the regulars in (which he will) he should move CC to the third fourth or fifth spot. I think he has mor RBIs this month than Braun and Hart

Joe Steve said...

You know Hall and Weeks will be out since they are terrible vs Bronson, but I don't see Rivera starting since CC often praises Kendall's game calling. Kapler will probably be in CF since Cameron was working hard on a golden sombrero last night.

D'Amico's one good year said...


If you did that, at least you'd have guys at the plate who wouldn't swing only for home runs.

Do it. Why not?

But I'd put Gamel in left and Kap in right.

Seriously, this is getting sickening. I'm not a Yost basher by trade, but he CAN NOT MANAGE. Like I said last night, why in the name of Jesus's Jamba Juice were Kendall and Counsell two of our last chances in the bottom of the 11th?!?!

ClownShipLollypop. said...

No shit. Again fucking Yost leaves Kendall in. I love Kendall, but he's not the guy you want in a MUST hit situation. Where the hell was Rivera?!

AP said...

BTW, I love the idea Garcia. Absolutely. There's a 0% chance it happens, because that would seem like Yost was actually doing something and he'd never hurt his players' little feelings like that, but it's a great idea none the less.

Lance's Other Nuts said...

I too was at the game...30 pitches by some no-namer Ramirez in the first inning and we get one lousy hit and one lousy run...what a waste of 150 bucks and a drive from my dad and grandpa...we left at 11 and it was only the top of the 10th.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Please, in the name of the Flying Spagetti Monster, PLEASE let this just be a last-second hiccup.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

I was willing to accept last year as a learning experience, but if they fail to make the playoffs again I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for a refund of the roughly 486 hours I have invested this summer in watching / listening / seeing the Brewers choke once again.

Please send my refund care of Clowny McCownerson.

Fuckers. See you at spring training.

garcia said...

Somewhere Greg Vaughn, Richie Sexson and Rob Deer are sitting back and thinking,

"All these guys do is try to hit home runs! Why don't they try some small ball?"

Gorman Thomas said...

I was thinking that too !

D'Amico's one good year said...