Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mike Cameron saves the season for now

Was at the game today. 12 rows up directly behind the plate thanks to my buddy Tim. As Woz mentioned with last nights crowd, today's crowd was in a coma all day long. No energy in the stadium at all. The Brewers first two runs came on garbage. The first one was a ground out to second that took a bad hop or else there could have been a play at the plate. Run 2 scored on an error. When Hardy hit into the bases loaded DP in the 6th, IO thought that was the end of the season. Sabathia had just blasted a double and playing It safe, Sveum held Counsell at third. Hardy might be slower than Mike River. He is a complete turd. Well, at least he started the 8th inning rally. Congrats to Gwynn and all with that double play to bring in a run, but with 76 guys on the roster right now, there wasn't a better option there? He is definitely not a power guy, so I wasn't looking for a fluke sac fly like in game 1 in April and he isn't a contact guy, so i don't know why he was the best option. Well, it all worked out for the best as Cameron saved the day and possibly the season. The only problem is Cameron looked to hurt his knee again when running out Counsell's fly out. Anyhow great win and I hate Hardy.


Matt said...

Goldy, you wrote this like you had about 8 Red Bulls and vodka in you.

I had a hard time keeping up.

Nicely done.

Goldy said...

7-up, I fell

woziszeus said...

I received the following text from Goldy at 3:10 pm yesterday:

"JJ Hardy can suck a XXX XXX's XXXXX."

Since this is a family blog, I won't write down the exact words, but you guys can figure out the jist.

I'm still curious as to why Goldy hates the 2nd best offensive player on this team???

ClownShipLollypop. said...

Fat Cats's Socks?

thecobra said...

Goldy, I want my 3 minutes back I will get them. It actually took me longer than 3 minutes to read but I should have stopped halfway through.

I will some how get it back.

Goldy said...

I was a little juiced following the victory yesterday. I rambled a little bit there. I'll try to clean up my act in the future.

Hardy is a decent player. I just think that many overvalue him. He has a great arm, but his range in the field is just brutal. He is the slowest guy in the everyday lineup. His two double plays yesterday sent me over the edge to send that text message, espescially the bases loaded DP. It seems like one hot month carries him for the entire season. Maybe it is just Brian Anderson constantly saying the Hardy is a great fastball hitter. Really? who in the bigs isn't a great fastball hitter?
Whatever, he is a decent enough player, but I just think the Hardy hype outweighs actual production.

Note: ranks Hardy in the 3rd percentile of all MLB shortstops in the running category.