Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kirk Herbstreit hates the Badgers

According to the J-S Badger Blog, Kirk Herbstreit has the Badgers ranked 22 in his AP Poll ballot this week. Fine, I can handle that. The Badgers D still looks shaky and they have not put a whole game together against two inferior opponents. The secondary is just brutal. They will get torched against a team that can actually pass. Hill's recent bout of fumble-itis is also a concern. Not known as a guy to fumble often, ball security has been an issue during the first two games. This team has issues and if Herbstreit wants to rank them 22, I won't complain.

Here is what I will complain about. Last week Kirk had them at 16, this week 22. Really? A 51-14 victory is worth a 6 spot drop in the polls? I am not able to find Kirk's ballot anywhere, so I don't know the 6 teams he moved ahead of the Badgers. I would assume one is East Carolina. But really? A six spot drop. Kirk must be mad about his loss to the Badgers before the Badgers became good or that he allegedly vomited at Wando's when he was in town for Game Day a few years back.


train said...

Seriously- who really cares what Herbie thinks?...if he wasn't on TV every frickin sat no one would even care how he voted.

With that said..I actually enjoy his analysis on Gameday and in the booth.

Herbie said...

Kirk Herbstreit WBNS-AM Columbus Week Team Rank
Florida 1
Southern Cal 2
Georgia 3
Oklahoma 4
Missouri 5
Ohio St. 6
Auburn 8
California 9
Penn St. 10
Texas 11
Oregon 12
Alabama 13
East Carolina 14
Arizona St. 15
Wake Forest 16
Kansas 17
Texas Tech 18
Fresno St. 19
South Florida 20
Utah 21
Wisconsin 22
Florida St. 23
BYU 24
Georgia Tech 25

Goldy said...

herbie - where did you get your ranking. I would like to see if I could find last week's ranking to compare.

that one chick said...

BOOO censorship....your blog stinks.

herbie said...