Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gagne - French for Fail?

Despite Eric Gagne's best efforts, the Brewers were finally able to win their 81st game of the season. I think they will probably finish over .500 this year.

Speaking of Gagne, we sat next to a guy last night who really doesn't like Gagne. I mean really doesn't like him. He booed him when he ran out from the bullpen. Booed and cursed him when he gave up the home run to Giles. Was still booing him in extra innings.

You know the type - he was wearing a Packers T shirt at the game, with a freebie Brewers hat that was clearly an all-fan giveaway sponsored by Culver's. I think he was also wearing athletic shorts, the ones made out of sweatpants material with the pockets. Oh, and he was drinking Coors Light out of a can, which he poured into a little cup so as to avoid being caught with smuggled beer. At least I assume it was smuggled - I've never found Coors Light in a can in Miller Park.

Anyway, I don't know why people boo their home players (I can't imagine that it can help anything - it's not like Gagne is trying to suck). Sweatpant short guy certainly wasn't the only booer - the crowd was absolutely raining down boos on Turnbo - err.... Gagne during that whole inning. But whatever. I think Harry Dunn said it best:

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